Snippets of Matriculation (Matrikulasi) #2

Disclaimer: This is going to be a very laid-back kind of writing, a lot of informality, and very Malaysian style of writing. This is based on the true stories of Matriculation in Malaysia, so I was thinking to keep it back to the Malaysian slang. The stories are quite messy, but it is just a random compilation of those. Enjoy!

“After I went into matrik, I know how to play squash, tennis, golf, literally any kind of sports, because you simply throw a stone to a matrik student, they will tell you they represent the state, or something even bizarre.”

“and there’s this selection for your koko marks in matrik for sports, remember Vanessa, she got chosen into the badminton team for matrik, imagine the band conductor wielding a racket. For me, I’m not that fortunate, because during the selections for football and badminton, my Chinese friends bailed on me, they did not get selected also, so I missed the selections. But, I attempted for the squash, I lost to a pro and won the other matches.”

“I knew I can’t beat him, he has all the equipment and all the shit, I stood no chance whatsoever, and there goes my koko marks. But, for the girls squash, there were only two girls who came for the tryouts, one of them know the rules and know how to serve, and she’s in.”

“About the food, it is same thing, everyday, mixed rice, but at least the stuffs are edible.” I stopped him for a while and talked about my school’s food which could not even be put inside the mouth, “there are only three different veggies, and nine different types of chicken served but they are the same different things everyday.”

“So, the food, especially the rice, you need to fight for it, I mean if you are late for recess for just five minutes, three buckets of rice are gone.”

“Our cafe is split into three, one for boys and two for girls because the ratio of the students is as such. So, one of the girls’ cafe serves really good food, I mean better than the rest, and no boys in girls cafe and vice versa. You know, the school is surrounded by forest, and the only choice we have is the cafe. Then, there’s this one boy who always casually walks into the girls’ cafe, and chat with the cooks there, and eat there, nobody every caught him.”

“Why split the cafe?” I asked.

“Haha. There is this incident where the head boy of last year made one of the matrik students pregnant, they got expelled shortly after.”

“What the…?”

“Yea. That’s why the cafe is split into three sections.”

“Remember there was a meteor shower a few months back?” we nodded our heads in assent, but I could not remember. “So, the whole block of boys decided to go to the open field, outside the school in the middle of the night to watch it.”

“I sauntered into the field with them and sat around, it was quiet, until the Indians come along, they just sang their heart out and had a good time there. The moment I want to take a sip of my water just to realise it’s empty, I went back the block to refill my water.”

“There were two guards passed by me, and were walking straight into the field, I immediately retrieved my phone, warned them about them. They were fast, I mean my friends, I heard the clapping sound of the sandals booming the entire vicinity.”

“One of them told me about everything that happened after then, the Indians did not move despite receiving the message, they continued their song, and was the first to get caught by the guards. Some of the Chinese, hiding beneath the astaka (stage), and when the guards shone the torchlight into the area, he found all of them, single file, squatting down, staring at him, they sprinted back here, with their flip-flops slapping endlessly unto the floor.” The scene popped into my mind, and I laughed very hard.

“Among the 2000 students in the school only 80 of them are Chinese. 50 of the Chinese are from one school in Penang, their school organised some sort of event and their koko marks are absolutely stunning. I just feel like our school deserves more spot in here, our academics could easily beat half of the people there, but our koko marks, sad to say, is the comparison between heaven and earth.”

“There’s this one time when we go out on one of the Fridays, you know Johor rests on Friday and Saturday, the Penang Chinese asked me about how I got in here when I told them I am just a school representative, and got lesser A+ than them. But, there’s this Chinese girl who got really normal results, a bunch of Bs and Cs, also got into Matrik, I did not want to know the reason behind it.”

“So, how’s your classmates?” I asked.

“Okay lo… Haha. There’s this one Malay girl who asked me to smile, and do the Korean heartshape thing with my finger and post to her, YERR…” he shook his body as if a fly was swirling around him, he was utterly disgusted. “then sometimes, my classmates would just shout, ‘Lua is smiling.’ or something around those lines, and she would just turn around to look at me. So geli…”

“And our class is the only class that has one Chinese boy, me, and two Chinese girls.” he showed us his class photo, he pointed to the weird Malay girl who wanted to see his smile.

“You got interest in them ah?” I asked, he was stupefied, “the one wearing specs quite nice weh, the other one also not bad mah, which one are you more onz?”

“Nah… Not here, haha.” he lied, his body lied, but I did not ask further into it, “the bespectacled one got boyfriend already, but I don’t think she has any. And the other one’s birthday is just two day ahead of mine.”

“So, do you guys talk often, I mean in Chinese?”

“Not much Chinese, but some Malays spoke better Chinese than me, those were the only time I spoke Chinese.”

“You know what I mean Lua, don’t divert.”

“Walao A, aiya, really nothing lo.” he changed the topic, “and I am like the top-gun in the class academic wise, but there’s this one Malay girl who is better than me, but what’s the point of competing, no point.” he reverted back to the usual topic, “Neh, the Chinese girl without specs one, she likes to compete with me, but she is way behind me, homework wise, so I just let pass some of this petty things.” We knew something was off, but we just chuckled this topic off.


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