Sotto Voce

My fingers were trembling, the black and white keys were stained with my blood, strings were smudged with vibration. I kept on playing, knowing that my playing was needed to keep things going. The natural frequencies were measured with my ears, I had the gift to pry open the fabric of reality into another dimension by playing the piano with the correct frequencies.

The gift was a bane, whenever I attempted to tune into the fabric of the reality, my limbs were squished by the crescendo pressure of the nonentity. Pain was expected, being sandwiched with brute force, juicing my life force out of myself, that was excruciating. I kept playing, if not they would not make it back, the portal would dissipate if I stopped.

Seconds felt as if hours had passed, they were going to emerge from the portal any second now, I told myself, I… have… to… Explosions erupted from the surroundings, my playing was interrupting with the other fragments of reality, tearing way more superfluous fabric of reality open, enigmatic creatures started to conjure around me, pocket size black holes were in nascent stage.

What’s the use of risking the entire human race for my friends? My conscience hit my hard. I had the second thought of stopping, but once I stopped, everything would be gone, even the pain. Coming to the third or fourth minute, my fingers were giving way, the ripples of tears throughout the reality was waning into normality, the calm breeze after a maelstrom.

Every fibre of me was yelling in agony, pulling me to a halt, I kept on playing. The bleeding on my fingers were abysmal, ten delicate fingers of mine turned into a misshapened body after a mishap. My heart, my hope, were the only things that kept my fingers continuing the playing.

“John!” a faint call, I saw a figure sprinting into the front view of me, recognising it was one of my friends who had entered the torn fabric of reality. “John!” her voice was muffled with throes of fear that engulfed my hearing. close it. she mouthed as I saw her last words escaped her mouth before a gigantic claw split her into puddles of flesh.

I stopped. Sotto voce. Everything warped back to their rightful places except for the mess that the had created. I collapsed in grave peril, my limbs were beyond healing, I could not feel anything with them. My mind was blank, dead hollow, filled with nothingness, I did not know how to react to this shift of situations.

The first thing I did was blaming myself for doing this with the savvy of high percentage of loss. Why? Why do you do this John? Why don’t you stop them? You know the risks right? Why… A resplendent glow coruscated between my sights, I swiveled my body into the direction, catching a glimpse of my friend’s pendant, the warm blue shine of the crystal.

I crawled to it, but to no avail, I had lost all control of my limbs. Sitting here, sobbing, with nothing left, waiting. Hours felt like hours, seconds were stretched with nothingness, I was lost in the fabric of reality itself.


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