The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side

People lead their own lives, fight their own battles, and relish upon the fruits that they have borne. Jealousy invokes the green-eyed monster in us, to make us feel covetous about other people’s lives, and scrunching our hearts into a small compound where envy breeds the best.

We work hard so that we can get what we want, is an incomplete statement, it does not mention about the time of when we are going to reap from our hard work. However, the statement could be spurious at times because we may not get what we want even if we work harder than other people. Pure luck intervenes with this statement most of the time.

People who have worked hard but could not attain their achievements would be lead into dire straits, they would give up on their hard work, and even their lives prematurely, or even submitting themselves to despair. They would start blaming the entirety of existence about their hard work that does not work out, and blurting out envious, negative commentary about themselves and other people’s success. This is how most of our mind works, letting the negativity to overwhelm the positive because we are borned to survive.

Complaining, ranting about how good other things are, is part and parcel of human’s attitude, we tend to hand-pick the bad facets of some thing, and to sully it the whole nine yard because most of us are perfectionist who do not want flaws to exist in our system. However, this is an abjured mindset that is cultivated in most of us, veering our thinking into a pessimistic and envious state. Thus, creating the illusion of one minor problem which could tumble down a good load of benefits in a subject.

They have a better life than us because they own an iPhone, this is what other people thought. We assume that they are richer than us, therefore our brain would instantaneously reclassify that statement as they have a better life than us. Assumption often leads to bad thoughts, which makes us feel more bitter about our life, and we would start our session of complaining to nobody except ourselves which is a utterly meaningless effort.

Be grateful, but not content about what we have currently. We have food, shelter, clean water, and clothes, but we must not neglect the minute details of life which grant us our survival in order to carry out our lives. Do not always rant about how bad is the food, and wish that you could have eaten other things instead, or wish that you could be richer in order to enjoy better food.

The grass is always greener on the other side, but take a look of what you have, the grass is not dead, even if it is, re-plant them, water them, nurture them into the environment that you desire. Even if you do not succeed, do not blame destiny, persevere instead. Talk less, do more; think less about other people, care more about how your actions affect the outcome; Be less in comparing with other people, be more self-centered.


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