Sinking Soil

The trees were sheltering the sweltering heat from the sun partially, I was sweating profusely, sticky to the touch of anything, my movements were sluggish, dragged down by my backpack, energy drained by the unduly heat. Breaking the last bead of sweat, my foot stepped into a vicinity of sand.

Forest into a barren land filled with sand instantaneously. I was left confused, my mind was playing tricks on me, I pinched myself on my left thigh, it’s real. This was a dire, sultry situation, I could not spot any patch of green or any other colour than brown grains scattered in my field of vision.

Burning, that was what I felt, my eyes were sore. Light, my back pack was gone. I was thrown into a pit of total confusion about everything that was happening around me. Panicked, I sprinted, to nowhere, I stopped, there was too much sand in my shoes. My breath was catching up unto my throat, suffocating me, hyperventilating, drenched in fear, I felt utterly lost, no hope, at all.

As I took off my shoes, the ground turned into soil, damp, my legs were sinking into the ground, it was not quicksand, even it was, I had no chance to escape from this bog, a full kilometres radius was filled with this patch of land, and nothing else was here.

I was sinking, deeper, and deeper. The soil was devouring me with its clammy mouth bit by bit, I struggled, to no avail. I yelled to God, to whoever was here, no response, I burst into tears, I cried, I wailed, shrilled in terror, as the throes of me swarmed my conscience.

Helpless, I sank into the soil, nothing. My last breath was still not used, I woke up in the woods again, realising that I was jolted by a ranger on a bright morning.



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