It is a platform to share your memories; it is a place to hoard them. A picture speaks for itself, whether it is a dreadful or cheery memory, it is still a piece of memento to us, significant to us, and perhaps sharing some light with other people. Most of us could not remember incidents well, we use a picture to encapsule all those memories. When we have a look at them, we would be flooded with the sea of memories. This is Instagram.

“Hey, ya know this Instagram app?”


“Lemme show you.” she snatched my phone away, and downloaded the app into my phone, I was still quite new to my phone, and I fell in love with Instagram.

Personally, I do not consider Instagram as a social media, but it is. However, my stand point is rather different because as cited, this is a platform to store images or videos. Other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter could act as a similar platform, but the filtration of information is better on Instagram compared to other platforms. If you do notice the magnitude of junk on other social platforms compared to Instagram, the amount of those useless information is negotiable, only one or two pesky ads which would appear at the stories section or your feed.

Snapchat is also widely used, but it’s memoir storing span is relatively short time (24 hours) whereas at Instagram, you got to choose either to store them permanently or just momentarily (24 hours). Instagram has a very crisp and minimalistic design which trumps all of the other social platforms which had a less attractive style.

Instagram often urges the users to post authentic pictures, and this platform usually is catered for those mementos enveloped in a better quality photo, the users would be more astute when they are taking pictures for their Instagram compared to when posting pictures on other platforms.

Confirmation bias may have played a major factor in my writing. But, here is my stand. Instagram is one of the best memoir storing app in the entirety of mobile apps.


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