Thank you! 300 posts strong!

As promised, every centurion of posts, one update and thank-you post.

Photo by : @key_to_kye

Life is hectic for me, I swear, shit just got real. It is about my studies, STPM, to give you a close insight, I failed two subjects (General Studies, Physics), marginal passed one (Chemistry), and got an A (Maths), I had to be serious on my studies, really serious, as I still have less than 70 days to buckle up to face the STPM semester 1 exam.

I am sorry if my posts lately are demotivating or stressful or just plain profanity or lack of content or just painful, it is difficult to write under such harsh conditions, but I would keep things up, I would still write as this is the only place where I could vent it all out.

Vexations aside, Thank you, readers, for reading. I have hit over 800 followers and over 16000 views, really thank you.

Another thing, if you have realised, every week there would be a photograph post, it is my collaboration with Kelvin (a.k.a. key_to_kye), he is a very talented photographer, remember to pay a visit and follow his Instagram : @key_to_kye . So this is how things work, Kelvin would draft his points and his photo for his post, and I would write out what he wanted to present, so basically the photo and post idea are from him, and I am just the vessel to deliver his message in my words in his thoughts. Why? because he is the photographer and I am the writer. The pictures of the cover of the main page, about page, contact page, are all from him, a big shout-out to him in collaborating with me, hopefully it would be a long run with him.

And a change of plans, after this post, or after every 100 posts, I would have an update as usual, and I will rewrite one of my best or worst post (it is based on my judgement, not on the amount of likes or views).

Once again,

Thank you!

I would be recruiting maybe one or two more writers for my blog so that it would have some diversity, that would be a story for later, maybe year end, but just to let you, the readers know. And I know I am not engaging enough with the readers, and so yeah, I have no intention to do so after all, because of my studies, perhaps after all of this shit, I would have more time to interact more with you guys.

One more thing, the one whom I wanted to recruit is someone whom I am secretly a secret admirer of, making my heart shake, and an awesome writer (author of 7 novels which have quality and not published), but nonetheless, this is how life works, and how human operates. If you read this, and you should know who you are, I just do not know how to pull my courage together to invite you to hop on with me on this blogging journey. (it is the hormones, I swear, or maybe I am just too shy to talk to you, up until this point, I just don’t know anymore.)

Be excited for two short series back-to-back coming to the blog!

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