Close, But Not Close Enough (Rewritten)

Suit and tie in place, cologne not too overwhelming, my reflection in the mirror gave me the little tinge of courage that I needed. Making sure every inch of my outfit was ironed properly, no creases were allowed in this attempt in meeting the one that I furtively loved for years. this is my chance, don’t screw things up. My reflection swiveled around to embrace this night, you can do this.

I marched to the aperture where the ball was held. It was superior, thronged with peoples of elegance and eminence, promulgating the vibe of the upper-class congregation. She peeked right into the corner of my eye, I doubt she could remember me. Keeping myself collected, knowing that she was a few feet away from me physically, we were just mere friends to strangers. The singular chandelier was glimmering in its grandiose crystals in the middle of a sea of people, a dim, somnolent atmosphere had found its way into the hall.

My eyes were skimming through the field of people, searching the one I had waited for these years, affirming my eyes did not trick me at the first time. She was at her best, since I could ever remember, splendidly dressed in her ethereal beauty, her dark swarthy caramel skin sweetened her demeanor, her posture, purveying the exquisite sight for me. Her luscious hair was let down, waving across her shoulder length, draping a mantel of beauty of her overall simple black dress.

Heart palpitating, palms sweating, nothing irregular, I clasped my hands at my back, striding in an awkward pace to her where I could greet her after these times. “Hey….” I stammered with bated breath.

She turned around with her hair brushing across her face, sweeping the few strands of dangling hair back into place. “Hey… Ooo…” a pause, a subtle one, our gaze interlocked as if lovers from the sun met after a long time. Her head cowered a little, regaining her dainty stance, “Bryan! It’s been so long!” she said in her usual voice slinking with positivity that of those days, unchanged, just as if everything happened yesterday.

“Haha. Yeah… It’s been some time. Three years? Maybe more?”

“Maybe. I want you to meet my husband.” What? “Here is John. And this is Bryan.” this must be a dream.

“Nice to meet you.” John said in his deep rumbling voice. Stretching his hand out for a gesture of kindness. Wha… I shook his hand, left abruptly by uttering something that I could not recollect. My heart was shattered into a million pieces, but I swallowed the pill of conscience, reminding myself she deserved someone better than me, and my wait for the single tree was futile, yet fruitful.

Do not give up the whole forest for a single tree, if you really think the tree is worth the whole forest, then go for it. But, everything has a but, the exception, when you decide to devote your whole life to the single tree, cogitate, ruminate, and follow your heart with your conscience, both must be in place. Never regret. If you realised that the single tree was not worthy, it is time to put your heart, mind, and soul into the search of another better tree in the wide spectrum of trees in the forest.

Follow your heart with your conscience, never falter.


Original post : Close, But Not Close Enough

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