A Plan To Kill

Target acquired, we had vision and data, and everything about her. We were assigned with our inception in this industry, a job to kill with an accidental or mystery cause. This case was handed by us under the label of a mystery kill, it was a huge feat for our team of three- a hacker/ tech guy, a mastermind/ data gatherer behind the scenes, an accident maker/ data gather on the scene.

Killing someone off with an intent to kill was easy, but this one was on another level, we needed to piece every piece of minutiae together in order to perfectly arrange a set of actions leading to one another in order to pull out this very natural mystery.

For the past two months, the accident maker would trail her everyday, jot down every detail that she did or went every single second, 24/7, switching roles with the hacker when the accident maker needed some repose or rest.

We planned every single second in the next event to kill her off, it was a full Sherlock event. Everything was clockwork and on point.

2200, subject reached the hotel for a late night party, she went into it having a bad day, we arranged her day to be ‘bad’ by making small accidents such as pouring coffee unto her, spilling her lunch, et cetera. The party was the only thing that could probably cheer her up on this ‘bad’ day was the thinking that we instilled inside her on that day.

Her ‘bad’ just got lifted up by us, the party was lit, as planned. The musics, the people, the atmosphere there was going as planned. When the subject was having a drink and a small talk with the accident maker, just to get enough time for the mastermind to slip in a slow effect drug- an ecstasy pill which would work after 4 hours according to the amount of consumed as the power of the drug, in her drink.

The subject drank. Mission 80 percent accomplished. The mastermind and the accident maker retreated, leaving her to enjoy the last hours of her life in alcohol fabricated delirium.

Wait. 0300. She woke up from her drunken state to get back to her hotel room. Entering the lift, she smashed the 2nd button, which led to the hotel’s kitchen. The hacker needed to play some tricks on the camera. She took drunken steps into her kitchen as her brain thought it was her room.

A quarter of a minute was all the accident maker needed. Putting up decoy shots in three, two, one. The CCTV showed a constant slide of image for that moment in the minute. The accident maker led her into the freezer containing all the fresh meat, leading her inside it.

Locked it.

Case closed.


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