Rays of doom were raining down from the skies, it was as if the higher-ups above us were pouring their wrath over us. We were known to worship the skies as our superior leader, but if one of us broke the cycle, the skies would be angry, and abysmal situations would happen, like now.

Everyone of us was running for our lives, some of us decided to kneel to the skies and beg for mercy. I ran for my life, this is all fake. A shimmer of thought went through my head, I knew something was wrong ever since I was born in this very realm of worshiping the skies.

The brief, curt voice reappeared, wake up, don’t be fooled. I focused myself unto the voice, amplifying it to be imprinted in my mind. I ran, rains of fire were approaching me, I kept running, but sooner or later, I would be outrun by the fire. My composure was well-contained as I zeroed myself into my conscience to listen out for that particular voice.

All you know is not real, be alert. A jolt was sent down my spine, I was shivering in fear, a nonentity that knocked on the doors of my heart intending to spill the truth to me. I blinked, a vague bright image coruscated in my sight, the moment I opened my eyes, the fires were even closer than before, preparing to devour me any moment.

“If the voice inside me is real, then my life was fake, all of these were just a simulation, I need to wake up.” I told myself, mustering all of my conscience, unifying my thoughts into one short but strong impulse to wake the actual me up. The fire was bothering me, everything around me was incinerated into cremains, but I was yet to be burned. I shut my eyes, knowing that only by concentrating, I could get out.

A ball of fire was snowballing into the north of me, preparing to smash me into nothingness. I pulled myself together, syncing all of me into a singularity. My thoughts turned hazy, I caught glimmers of hope shining at the other end of the spectrum, I kept harnessing myself, but in order to piece back all the shards of a broken window pane was just simply impossible.

The preeminence of failure, inferiority reigned supreme inside me, I was succumbing to my negativity, the will for me to live on deadened with time as I realised there was no actual reason to be alive since my life was a total lie. I kept telling myself to live on, but my consciousness told me otherwise. The incessant battle inside me was on-going, the snowballing ball of fire got even larger, shadowing me in the searing heat of death.

I shut my eyes once more, the light from the ball of fire teared into my sight, I kept wrestling against the odds, beating them using a twig. I knew I lost, but I kept pushing on, for no apparent reason, it was rather irrelevant. The heat came in contact to my subcutaneous self, boiling every fibre of me into a state where the molecules which built me could not decide to be liquid or gaseous or both.


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