This was the moment that we had awaited for a lifetime, of us being parents, being able to directly impact our child’s life, and to create a future using our concerted efforts and indisputable love for our beloved child. We gave him the best of everything that we could afford, he did not know how to speak yet, so this kind of spoiling him would not deal a great deal to his life.

We were above bourgeoisie, our income was enough for us to carry on with our lives, and to get a little extra here and there. Our time was spent mostly on our child because we worked from home, the little perk that we exploited in order to give the best of our times for our child as we had the savvy about the implications of not spending enough together time with our child.

When our child spoke his first words, my wife told me it was time for him to do some chores. My mind immediately rejected the idea at first, but she called me for a serious talk out. Being the hard-knocked person, I was very conservative on me, and never thought about the well-being of this family.

“Imagine if you let our child roam wildly, and give whatever he wants when he asks, then we are spoiling our child. I think I no need to explain much to you. I know that you want the best for our child, but this is the best for our child, to train him into an independent, loving, caring, creative, virtuous person.” I stared into her eyes with denial.

“Okay, so if you want to let him sit and rot, I have the responsibility of the child too, I have the rights to make him do stuffs.” I was still in denial. “It’s better to educate them early because they are still in the moulding process, and we are his moulders. Do you want to see our child to be like your siblings?” That hit right at the point, my siblings were terrible, they had lots of life issues because my parents were overprotective, and spoiled us too much. I was the exceptional case because I realised my life earlier than they did.

I had sworn to myself that I would never be my parents when I entered this parenthood. I got up from the chair, and hugged my wife as she was the sagacious, wise one here. We got out of the discussion, and taught our child how to clean some dishes.


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