Anxiety, nervousness, fear.
All of them attacking me at once.
I am falling,
My mind is clogged.
Sleep is deprived.

Too much, too many,
Effort is not there,
At all.

Information, knowledge,
Messed up.

Fragmented lots,
Unknown cavities,
Conning against me,
Killing me slowly,

This STPM thing is slowly draining my life force out of me. My brain just do not want to focus when I needed it to focus. I still not much time left. I am afraid, in fear, I know, I’m fucked. The distractions are still prominent in my daily routine, incest and technology, I need to man up, combat all of these before everything is too late.

Looking at the bright side, I have group studies, it is surely a boost for my friends, but I still could not yet find the silver lining in this effort. I will continue doing it, I know it would benefit me somehow. I need to study hard, even smarter. I need my brain to be clear. I need to sleep early. I need to, I have to, I must do all the above.

I hope by writing this out, I would actually do so. Please, Yang. Look at the clock. Get yourself back together. Stop all of those distractions. Sleep more, read more, play less, exercise, focus, aim for the goal, long shot, get it in.

Feel free to drop some comments about how to get into a well-prepared state to face a very difficult exam in a month’s time, or something around those lines like how to get motivated, or how to stay away from my phone. Your comments are very much appreciated, thank you for your time for reading and commenting. Thank you so much.


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