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Previously, I planned out a weekly schedule to get my life back together, but no, it did not work out, at all. I screwed up after five days, (at least it was a better attempt compared to the last few times.) Therefore, if Plan A screwed me up several times already, it is time for a Plan B. A monthly goal planning.

I am a person who does not like to be constricted too much by limitations, I just set them, and let them be the goal to be achieved. So, here is the list of things that I hope to accomplish in this month.


Finish The STPM Syllabus.

It is an exam, for more details, here (My Choice). I have approximately less than a month left to prepare for the semester 1 exam, and I do not want to fuck up in any way possible, because if I somehow ditched myself into the pit of failure, I have to resit the paper, and it would be a bane to my existence.

Run. Exercise.

Maybe 2 or 3 times per week, I have been really slacking off from exercising, it has been a few weeks since I broke a sweat for my physique. And do push-ups, planks, every morning to kick start the day.

Finish A Short Story.

I cannot divulge too much about it. Be excited!
Short snippet: It is a generic story line rewritten by me.



Be more patient with the people around me.


I hope this would work better for me. Unlike the previous attempt, I hope this would bring up my life, and get my shit together.

Wish me luck in staying on track with getting my life back together

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