Activating cognitive enhancer. The monotonous robotic voice rang into existence, millions of nanobots swarmed into my brain, acting as bridges, synapses to connect more neurones together. My parapelgic half was surged with the enigmatic energy which I did not incorporate in this technology.

This process was presumably innocuous, I had run hundreds of test on mice, it worked out perfectly, a normal mouse was able to move even faster, acting even more vicious. There was no test ran on humans, I was the incipient of this new frontier, If this works, I get my ass out of this prison. A serum that enhances human capabilities, stretches our physical limits. 

I was wheel chair bound, but I got up nonchalantly, without any effort, as if I was a normal person. My stare locked unto my legs which looked like two twigs turning into a muscular pair. The nanobots were too aggressive, I knew something would go wrong, but I enjoyed the foreign power that was bestowed unto me.

The nanobots were not mechanical, they were biological, which implied that they could do anything that would be unprecedented, such as giving me back my legs. The guards around my cell got alerted, two muscle brains marched into the glass chamber armed to the teeth. My body steered itself, jabbing two bullet shots by my punches into their stomachs, bored a hole straight through them, splattering their innards to the transparent wall.

I slipped into their suits, my body with unimaginable energy, charged through the arsenal of human guards rushing into my direction. My body was a tank charging through the throng, and to the thick metal wall, breaking everything except myself, and my chains to this prison.

Bullets flew past me, some sank into me, but the nanobots devoured the ammo, and sealed my wound almost instantaneously. I ran, and ran, back to my dwelling ground, my lab. Without having a suppressant in time, my insides were churning up, the nanobots were yelling for more action so they could feast upon my hormones.

There was no more action, this serum was erroneous, I slipped and fall during the sprint, lacerating most of my skin apart against the tarred covered road. I did not have control over myself, my conscious was dying out, the nanobots took over, I was not me, it was the nanobots.

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