Boon And Bane

I have been teaching for a few years, picked this skill up in order to sharpen my patience, and my choice of words when coming to conveying an information. Nothing had stopped me from teaching, even now, there are bestial exams lining up in front of me, waiting to slaughter me clean in one swoop.

However, I am not alone, there are many more people with me, my friends, I want to soar with them in the wings of flying colours, we started a study group among ourselves, it is beneficial, it felt as if we were helping each other’s plight, pulling the long to supple the short. Although sometimes it would be a bane for us to study due to wearied schooling hours, we have the undaunted determination to strive for the best, reaching the four flat mark, together.

I am the Maths guy, and they helped me in other subjects such as Chemistry, General studies (honestly, we did not like the subject, so we procrastinated on revising it often), and Physics, I am on my own with my tuition, because among us, we are unclear about the syllabus, but occasionally, we would come together and discuss some questions together.

The blessings are stated as above, but you know, humans, they like to imitate, some other people wanted to join us, but I think seven is a good number, we rejected them because too many cooks will spoil the broth. We felt sorry for them, but what can we do?

There was this one day, six of them left early due to unforeseen events they had to attend, I was left alone, but I found some students from the other classes to study with for an hour, it was totally worth it. But, I made a promise that I instantly regretted after making it a long time before, it was a promise that involved teaching a very annoying and stubborn person, Mr. X, who is at the very bottom of my preference (I do not want to address him as a F-ing annoying person as I want to be courteous in my writing.)

Teaching him was akin to playing a tune to the cow, or giving a rose to a monkey, it was superfluous. When I feel like I am wasting my time when I am teaching, my boiling point would have reached at that point in time.

He asked me about a question about vector, I patiently answered him, trice, using three different methods, he still did not get my point, I realised he was not paying any goddamn attention to me. I got freaking pissed, my mouth pierced a few holes in him, I did not care, spilling a few sarcastically caustic remarks citing him as not paying attention, and wasting our time.

Collecting myself back into one piece, he asked me a very basic question on vectors which was the fundamentals of the topic, he did not understand that at all, my mind was flipping, doing some somersaults, trying not to get angry, but definitely got annoyed. Three more times of explaining, still did not pay any shit attention to me, I felt mocked, I felt I was wasting my time, I tried to explain to him, he tried to rebut my statement, I could not deny I might be wrong in some deep topics of Maths, but some basic aspects such as finding the cross product of vectors, he still doubted me, pondering in his tiny closet of nothingness in the search of futile answers to the trivial questions.

I stared at the clock, one hour plus, and not even a slight progress. I needed to get out of this place, or else I would burst into flames, and that would not be good to both of us, I did not want to create any hate between anyone, so I gave a very stupid excuse of me needing to go and run some errands outside. I finished the very last questions with him, leaving him with more prickles in him, some of the words that came out of my mouth was cruel, I regretted my mouth, I stopped myself, walked out of the door, or else…

I had consulted my parents, friends, and even the teachers about this situation, all of them told me not to bother him at all, close shop for him. And yes, he was wasting both of our time, so it is plausible to stop dealing with this kind of person.

Comment below about the most annoying and the most stubborn person that you have to deal with in the present or in the past, and how you handle them. 


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