Don’t Create Problems.

Another day, another period that I hated the most in school, I did not hate the period due to its syllabus, but due to the teacher. If a teacher made you hate some subject because of him, I felt so sorry and vexed for myself and him, because I attended school for the sole reason of not wasting time and learning as much as possible academically.

A brief insight on this teacher, this fucking old man, (if I categorise someone in the F-ing section of my vocabulary, that guy is disdainful, not deserving even my single ounce of respect.), let’s call him ‘old man’ for simplicity purposes. he is not the best teacher in the world, but I guess he fits the title of not even being person worth carrying the title of ‘teacher’.

This old man often confuses us with his teachings, he teaches us Malaysian studies, yet sometimes, most of the times, he got his facts inaccurate, there is a lot of ambiguity in his delivery of knowledge, he is a sexist, having a traditional mindset of those Paleolithics, a repetitor of points when writing essays, not knowing how to mark papers, and he is not up-to-date with the latest format of the paper.

Okay, if you can’t teach, that is totally fine for me, I can do other things during your period. You can say that he is a teacher, he deserves some respect because he is my teacher, he must be respected mutually because he is old, but he is just an old man blabbering off his remaining years before retiring into a sedentary life, my respect does not simply go into some crazy bat shit old man. This old man has a higher position than most of the teachers in Malaysia, but one of the highest position, and receiving more than rm 10k per month, and having a shit ton of pension money, but still being one of the old man as he is, and will be.

The start of the semester was quite smooth sailing, I was listening to him teaching, but I gave up shortly after, just because, one, his style of teaching does not suit mine; two, he kept repeating the same old nonsense during his class; three, his voice is irksome, loud, a cacophony, as if he is trying to brainwash us with his nonsensical mindset; four, his thinking is just archaic and repetitive, for instance uttering the sole reason of why males get into universities easier than females just because males are a stronger species, WHAT? Five, he does not leave us alone, at all.

During his classes, he would saunter around the class, most of the time he would stand in front of my desk or my friend’s desk, Lim, just the only two out of the fifteen other desk he could choose to place himself, even when I shifted my place to the back, he would still stand in front of me or behind me, it is just pure disturbing. Not to mention, other than spending the times by both of our desks, he would stand near and stare maliciously into the girls in our class, I observed, he is just a fucking prick and an old pervert.

Counting down until now, that old man had been with us for almost half a year, and yet he is still as he was the first time the old man entered the class, he had not changed a single bit, his teachings are still terrible, his points are still repetitive, he still does not know how to mark papers, he still stands in front of me for the most of the time during his period, nor he is worthy of holding the title of being a teacher.

Every time, without fail, I would do other things rather than to listening to him teaching, I would read the newspaper, do some Physics, swipe my phone, it is just the same for the rest of us, none of us would pay any shit attention to him. But, that old man would just pick me and Lim to fire, or sully, or just throwing some caustic remarks to us, maybe it is because of our face problem, that was the only plausible reason that I could think of.

The last couple of weeks, I surmised that he realised that his effort of teaching us, specially me, was not worth it, he decided to give me up, I was ecstatic, but he got back into the same old person after a day or so. However, just a couple days ago, my mood was terrible, my EQ went down the drain, he asked me whether I understand what he said, normally I would not even look at him to give him a response, but I gave a response out of harshness.

“Saya tak faham apa yang cikgu cakap, sekali A then, sekali B, saya sangat confuse, kenapa boleh macam ni?” he tried to interject but I continued, “saya memang confuse kerana you yang confusing semua orang.” (I don’t understand what teacher is talking about, one time A, then another second B, I am very confused, why can it turn like this? I am very confuse because you are confusing everyone.)

After that stupid utterance by me, I kept myself silent, I resumed doing my own stuffs, but being the regular old man, he would stand in front of me and ask me, “Buat apa? Kenapa tak tulis?” (What are you doing? Why are you not writing my answers?) I remained silent, I needed to control myself before I burst into a volcano, I swear if I could speak a better Bahasa Melayu, I would fire him with my ceaseless machine gun shells. “Kenapa you buat benda lain pada masa saya, ini bukan kali pertama…” (Why are you doing other things during my period, this is not the first time…) I did not really catch what he was saying after this, it went something like if you don’t want to come to school then don’t come, and something like, if you have a brain please use it, “you tiada otak, tu pasalnya.” (You don’t have a brain, that’s the problem).

From that point onwards, my critical point had exceeded, I did not know how to feel, angry, hate, or just nothing, or everything at once. Being me, my mind just took him as a transparent man, his presence is not worth my single glimpse of my eyes, to negate my time from dissipating into the wrong people.

My friends told me to be calm, just ignore this kind of people, they were there also when this happened, they could not do anything to stop a loose cannon like me, they advised me to never bother him, or even look at him any more. I told my parents about this too, my mother said both of us are oil and water, that could never mix, she even said that he is just a mean bully who capitalises on other people’s shortcomings. My parents wanted to take action on kicking this old man out of my life, they wanted to do it for my good.

Don’t create problems. I thought, my friends even cited the thought of kicking him out from the class after this semester if he ever picks us up next year again. In order to kill a old sly fox, we needed to outsmart the animal by being a mindful homosapien. That was what my dad told me. He asked me to record all his teachings for the next coming days, and act like I am listening to his teachings, in order to gather enough solid evidence to bring him down next year.

One more point that you, readers, may ask, why not just skip the class entirely and go to the library to study, isn’t it more efficient? No, we are not allowed to do that, we are still bounded by the stringent rules set by the ministry of education, thus we need to be in class during the PnP (learning and teaching) is going on.

Comment down below your thoughts about my actions, and what you would do if you are forced to be with this kind of ‘teacher’ / people in your life?


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