Mass Killing (Vegas Shooting)

I am so tired at looking at the world burning in flames of pain, glorified by hatred, and inundated by darkness. I am also bored of seeing influencers only praying for the tragedies that are too major to be ignored, there are countless of cold-blood shed happening everywhere around the world, no matter it is just one life or more than one life taken by the murderer, it is still a very sad case.

Why only pray for the major cases only? Why not pray for the minor cases as well? Why hashtags of ‘prayfor-‘ and posts of major tragedies exist solely on the internet? Are the minor cases, petty lives not worth your time to pay attention to? Why is everyone glorified by the major sad cases? Why do these even happen in the first place?

People might say that I am sullying the netizens who chose to hop on the bandwagon, and yes, I am, no doubt I am also one of them, taking this chance to write, and to promulgate my thoughts to the internet, to be acknowledged, to commiserate with everyone who felt as such, the thin line between those aspects had been blurred too often.

Why pray only when bad things happen? Why only pray on specific occasions? Why only write or post something about bad things? All of our acts on the internet are more than superfluous, it is disdainful, it is heartbreaking to see people come together only when bad things happened.

Why not pray everyday for the wellness of everyone in this world? Ain’t everyone have the same rights to deserve the same amount of prayers from each and everyone on the surface of the world? Why do we need to promulgate everything through the internet and yet we are still not a good person from the inside out? Why fund raise, but you could not even be the ‘good’ person who shares hope, joy and positivity to this dark, dark world?

What is the purpose of all of these?

There are too much hate, counterfeit, perfunctory prayers for the world, for the people, for our own kind.

Pray for the wellness of the world and for ourselves to being a better, happier, more joyful, peace seeker.


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27 thoughts on “Mass Killing (Vegas Shooting)

  1. I agree! I have been saying this for years! When someone loses their life its tragic. If its a solo loss or group loss its still a loss! Thank you for writing this…prayers should be continuous.

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