Some Wisdom

My head was throbbing with pain, my back was killing me, wearied was I, still kept on studying, doing things other than sleeping, resting. I thought I was a superman, I knew I was not, but I ignored the fact that I was not, resulting the things that I did trigger my procrastinating system, not sleeping, but watching Youtube, wasting my time.

I was thinking of visiting the doctor sooner or later in the other day, but I went to church instead. It was unprecedented that I would receive a message regarding my particular matter.

“You think you are a superman now, but when you are older, you will feel the pain of your actions now.” the pastor said, “Sleep, take more rest, your body will thank you in the future, do not be stubborn when it comes to taking rests.” those words hit hard.

“I think you always blame the devil or other things that distract your life, but you did not realise you are your own problem, you are stubborn enough to not use your wisdom, or you lack the wisdom to think about the wellness of your body.” the pastor continued, “I supposed you guys learn about getting enough rest and sleep in school, the implications and stuffs like that, they are the facts, and really, sleep earlier, stop procrastinating, and your body will thank you in your later years.”

“Ask God for wisdom, it is not the strength that you are lacking, it is the wisdom, the mind to accept, to learn the true facts for the betterment of your body, sleep earlier, take more rest, your body is enduring major fatigue, all you need is rest, and everything would be better.” the pastor said it nonchalantly, “I decided to share this on this session only because I knew among this congregation, there are some people who needs this message, to awaken the stubborn self inside you into a sagacious conscience who has wisdom.”


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