Those pair of luscious breasts… Damn… I was scrolling through the usual social platform, Instagram, that instigated my hands, my untamed carnal desire to jerk off, to secrete some of the white sticky fluid from me. It was overflowing, inundated with the thoughts of masturbation.

I kept looking at my feed, scrolling through more and more pictures that stimulate the beast inside me, the untamed libido. Stop… No! Keep on watching! Don’t, never stop! The incessant failure of stopping myself, made me feel guilty. As I got out from my bed and headed to the bathroom, to get on my usual spot, and let the guilty pleasure filled me to the fullest.

Youtube… Big boobs… Japan… I typed in those keywords as rehearsed, everyday. My erection was getting stronger by the days come by, I felt satisfied, released, whenever I had these sessions with myself, to get to touch, and to feel the delirious ecstasy, the fantasy of fallacies, the short, quick, ‘Ahhh’ sensation that would surge through my bloodstream like a drug, a real drug.

It was as if I was experiencing a relapse every day, at the same time, around 10 p.m. The untamed libido would slunk into my sight, releasing the hormones for me to masturbate, instilling me to do more than I could ever, everyday. I would usually spend half an hour or so on masturbating, and after that, I would feel really bad, but the guilty pleasure, the compunction was shadowed by the immediate gratification that masturbation would grant me.

I need to stop this. I told myself, but to no avail. This masturbation thing continued for about a year, and now it had significantly reduced by the number of times I masturbated per week. I masturbated twice a day during the peak of the untamed libido, now it had become once every alternate day on average, it depended on how busy I was on that week.

Masturbation is indeed very gratifying, but the implications were not clearly known, I searched the net for this, and sought help from God, and from some of my peers who managed to stop this habit. But, nothing seemed to have drilled into me, the untamed libido was restless, I succumbed to it too easily, once I see a really sexy picture, I would find myself on Youtube searching for more, I rarely went to porn sites, because I found it rather uninteresting to watch those.

However, I reckon masturbation to be a time-wasting activity, but a stress-releasing activity, but it might utterly obliterate my sex drive when it comes to the real deal. I do not know exactly my facts, but I am trying to stop this masturbation, and live a better life without it.

Comment down below about your experience with masturbation, and your opinion on whether it is a good thing or not, maybe you can shed some light about the implications of masturbation, and tips on how to stop masturbation. Thank you…


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