Hardship vs. Grittiness

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(inspired by Miles Toulmin)

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Life is never a bed of roses, nor it is always an undulating path to live through. Impeccability has been one of the abjured ambitions of humans in this imperfect realm, but we would continue to pursue perfection although we are flawed because we are humans, some things just never change.

Perception is one of the major characteristics in human to decipher and that could affect directly or indirectly one’s action and the course of life. Hardships in life is inevitable, it usually comes in the form of a predicament that is beyond our control, and yet we still succumb to it every time, sighing the common let-down phrases- “I’ll never make it.” or “This is too hard for me.” Our perfunctory actions, not even wanting to put up a fight with hardships, just proves that we are futile, weak, disgraceful.

These hardships are obstacles of our path of life, is it? If our perception changes by a fraction, hardships could be the catalysts to shaping us into a better, tougher, stronger version of us because we learn through hardships. Everything happens for specific reasons, hardships are one of them too, sometimes it teaches us how to survive in harsh conditions, sometimes it let us know how to deal with idiots, sometimes it throws us into a toxic place for us to be immune to poison, sometimes it simply redirects you back to the simplest things that used to be and is the purpose of life.

Pessimist sees difficulties in all opportunities, optimist sees opportunities in all difficulties. The difference between a pessimist and an optimist is the grittiness inside them. We often feel inferior when we face privations, but our shortcomings does not disqualify us from being useful, with grittiness in mind, then we will be strong. The analogy of a butcher knife and a katana complies well with this statement. Being a butcher knife, we know that we are incapable to compete with a katana, but if we capitalise on the resolve of keep sharpening ourselves, altering the ‘independent variable’ of not being sharp by grit, we might be as sharp as a katana.

Life is filled with privations and hardships, but we are armed to the teeth with grittiness. With true resolve and infallible determination, grittiness, we are able to stand up against the giants of the mare’s nest. Whenever we feel helpless, remember, our weaknesses are the opportunities for us to display grittiness and initiate our nerves that stimulate the muscle of omnipotence.

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Here is Kelvin’s draft:

  • Hardship : severe suffering or privation (definition provided by google :P)
  • One of the many things in live that we cannot avoid and which its very occurrence is beyond our  control.
  • We always tend to give in when we face hardships in life, thinking ” I’ll never going to make it” or ”This is too hard for me”.
  • Because of the obstacles, some of us even made the choice to take the shorter route which requires lesser efforts, towards a certain achievement or goal.
  • I believe the very idea of everything occurs for a reason, therefore so do the hardships in our lives.
  • They exist not because to push us down, but build us up.
  • This is when grittiness (traits of showing courage and resolve) comes in.
  • Pessimist sees difficulties in all opportunities, optimist sees opportunities in all difficulties.
  • This saying truly speaks to me about the coupled reaction between hardships in life and the grittiness of the one experiencing them.
  • Hardships that are placed in front of us from time to time whether we like it or not.
  • However, we can alter the ‘independent variables’ in ourselves in how we utilize our grittiness in facing the hardships.
  • We often feel weak and tiny when facing hardships.
  • But our weaknesses does not disqualify us from being useful.
  • We are weak, with grittiness in mind, then we will be strong.
  • Whenever we feel helpless, remember our weaknesses are opportunities for us to display grittiness and initiate our nerves that stimulate the muscle of omnipotence.



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