One of my favourite sports other than football, I was addicted to running at times when work and procrastination did not hit me hard. Usually, I would wake up, wash up, then run to start off my days, but as times passed I found it even harder than before to get my ass off and run.

When I was running, there was a lot of things, and nothing running through my mind at the same time. I could be thinking about the story that I was going to write, formulating plots in my head, reciting some Maths formula, deciphering some difficult explanation in Maths and Science, letting my experience to run through my mind, making countless acts of future scenes on unpredictable matters, thinking about someone whom I love(d), someone I hate, or just random things appeared in my mind, or just nothing.

It was difficult for me to start running, the first step to make things easier was to get up and run, that was the most essential and the most difficult step, I kid you not, this was the worst struggle that I had to put up with, not the fatigue after running, during running, but the action of getting up and run.

The longest streak of consistent daily running that I had was a few years back, it lasted for a few months, at that point in time, my stamina was at its peak, I could easily slay 10k in one shot. However, my gung-ho died down, from daily to alternate to twice per week to sitting my ass at home and staring at the computer doing e-sports. Years past, I ran occasionally, started some routine, and cancelled it the day after, just because I was lazy, but I kept myself running at least once per week until this year.

This year was a pain in my neck, literally and figuratively, my studies had mounted to an unimaginable level, I knew I needed the daily dose of running to boost my studies (it actually works), keeping my mind sharp by sweating all the literal shit inside me outside, promoting optimum brain function, and keeping myself rejuvenated. However, my priorities were differed from the common facts stated above, the benefits that I had avoided, I did run daily for three weeks consecutively but life hit me hard, I barely even ran once for a month until now.

I knew I had to sweat things out and to keep things moving, I started running again, everything in my life had become much smoother, much better. I retained my old style of running four steps breathe in, four steps breathe out during initial phase; two steps breathe in, two steps breathe out during fatigue phase, I would always push myself to run better, to sustain myself longer, but it really hurt, and I would make sure to stop once I felt something really went wrong.

I ran the same path every time, most of the time I chose to run, around the vicinity of the housing area that I lived in, it was tedious but the things that kept me occupied in my head made running a lot more times better, it was as if I was multitasking, controlling my breathing, foot steps, thoughts, looking out for obstacles at the same time. After a few staple rounds of running, I would feel the hem of my shirt, if it is wet, I would choose to run more or stop because this marked the end of my daily dose of running.

Hoping that life would not consume me thoroughly that I would miss out on my daily run, I am planning on having morning runs, but I have a sleeping problem, I just dislike the fact of sleeping early and waking up early, at least my body does not, this inflicted major problems directly to my running process, my muscle would pass out very quick, and my breath would run out rapidly, the implications would make my running process a bane to myself.

Comment below about some running tips for a casual runner. I would like to pick up morning runs, please do help me by dropping some useful tips to be disciplined and to get up early to run. Thank you. Your comments and help are very much appreciated. 

P.S. I just love how the wind brushing through me, and the fresh air breathed in during running.


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25 thoughts on “RUN

  1. I do understand the entire notion of waking up early to run/work out, but for me personally, I just cannot wake up early. And the procrastination occurs during the latter hours of the day.
    I do understand the predicament, since I myself have been trying to form some sort of a routine.
    Besides that, great topic!

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