Shaking, quivering, I knocked over the obstacles in front of me, just to get to her. I rushed, the malodorous green sordid suspension in the air was catching up to me, the mask was in my hand, I needed to get it to her, in order to survive this onslaught.

Kicked open the door with both masks in my hand, with sheer might, I broke into the room, just to be greeted with an infinite abyss, I halted my steps instantaneously, the inertia knocked one of the gas masks off into nothingness. My body regained its balance, I screwed up, big time.

Skimming through the dimly lit vicinity, I saw her laying helplessly on the cold hard ground, barely keeping her life force together. I leapt over the intentional or accidental hole made on the ground, I scrambled myself quickly into her reach. She was out cold, there was only one mask in my hand.

The green gas was furious, it spread quicker than I expected, I only had exactly three seconds to make up my mind, me, her, or… My instinct shoved my hand with the mask unto her face. I steadied myself to the indelible poison gas that I was about to inhale, granting me a pass to death.

I… need… to… hold… on… Telling myself, urging, if I let go, she would die also, my effort would go down the drain. I held my breath as long as possible, but it was impossible, the vicious gas literally burned through my nostrils, making my mouth arid, and my throat sore. I knew I could not hold on anymore, I felt my subcutaneous self peeling off my muscles, it was eating into every fibre of myself, it was a living hell.

Pressing, clock was ticking itself away, my clock. The green gas just got thicker, as if goo was suspended in the air. I did not dare to open my eyes, but some of my eyelids were dissipated into thin air, I could get a little insight about my condition, which I preferred not to see. Scaly skin, moss-green engulfed prospect, bilious. The green gas started to chew on my eyes, my raw muscles, it was a treachery, I never knew it would be such a slow death. But, I knew my job had not been done yet, I needed to survive until she woke up.

My hands were shaky, I could see the green stained skeletal systems of my arms popping up into my sight, the green gas had never been lenient. How much more do I have to endure? My will was unshaken, but my body was slowing waning away into a decaying corpse. I inhaled another toxic gas as I had to every minute, it felt like claws digging into my innards, scaring me from inside out.

It’s going to end soon, I lied to myself, I had my eyes to judge that the green gas was getting thicker, not any lesser. I pressed myself against her, until I could not feel my arms anymore. Looking down at myself, my skeletal self, seeing that my action was futile, poorly made, I should have taken the mask and fled, at least I could save myself. Leave no man behind. A motto rang through my ribs, at least I still have my dignity, it was my last breath, I pressed my everything, my body weight, unto her, making sure the mask was tightly secured. Darkness overwhelmed me, uttering a silent prayer before death prowled over me.


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