Dying, physically.
Not quite, mentally.

Waves of impediments,
Impaired my armaments.

Sick, virus, pain, physical.
Rest, healing, mental.

Life puts a hiatus in my mess,
Taken it,
Came back in a mantle of battle,
Glowing, ready to fight,
The on-going battle of life.

Being sick is a physical beat-down,
But a mental rejuvenation,
It is a gesture that your body emits,
“you need rest.”

Sleeping for more than 24 hours straight,
Thinking about more to nothing,
Letting my mind have a full rest,
Resetting my grit into a solid goal.

I am back,
Replenished of the lost repose that
My body deserved.


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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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