Darkness was my boat, sailing in the sea of light, I was the only patch of stain on the glistening stretch of light. On a big scale, I was just a grain of sand compared to the beach, I was nothing, but I was a queer, something out of the blue, an insidious enigma.

There were fishes swimming around in the sea as I peered into the surface of light, I could not see my reflection as it was overshadowed by the sheer light. The little fishies were sporadic, they were in a random fashion.

How could I see them in the first place? that was an innocuous question by me, I am the darkness, I give the contrast to the world of blinding light. Upon the realisation that hit me like a truck, I knew I could do something more, giving a little extra into the ordinary white, bright, prospect that I was shanghaied to look at, every single moment of my life.

This was the time for a change, I boldly stepped on the edge of my boat, the qualm of doing so was already playing vividly in my mind, the lights were static, coruscating in my sight, all I saw was white, I want to give meaning to this world. Taking a deep breath, I dived straight into the overwhelming source of light, it would mean two things, one: I would die a quick death; two: I would give the world its contrast.

Sinking, I was drowning in those blinding light, my nose, my head, everything was being eaten alive by the light. My sight was still white, flat white, not even a differ in hue. This is how I would die…? I sighed upon my thoughts, Probable.

No. NO! I would not give in so easily, at least… I burst into flames, devouring the surroundings of white light into pure darkness, I was over my head, my power was overthrowing me from my thoughts, my control over myself. The surge, the hunger of gaining power was inordinate, unwarranted, I was not myself anymore. Pure darkness was.

Promulgating through the seamless light, pure darkness reigned supreme over those grounds, everything started to turn murky, fast. The vast sea of light was blotched with pure darkness, not even a single ray of light could be seen in those regions. Compunction, fear of not regaining back my body made me wonder how did I get into this?

Isn’t light more soothing, warm, bright? But why must I choose darkness? Isn’t darkness cold, dark, hopeless? I searched for my begotten soul of bringing contrast to the world, it was flickering, dimly inside the deepest parts of me. There was a gossamer thread of silver cord attached to it, it was the silver lining, the panacea to stop pure darkness.

I was myself, miraculously. Someone helped me, it was brief. The power that swooped me out of that chaos was immense, transcendental. Collected as I was, my aim was re-fixated on the real purpose I took a dip into the sea of light, it was to bring contrast into the static light.

Someone smiled to me, I could feel it. Summoning my will of black flames, with contrast, I turned every perceivable lights into contrasts, hues, colours, tones. Breathing the intrinsic meaning of contextual into the static light.


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