My mind was shutting itself off, I had to retain my consciousness. The lights were flickering, the matt white vicinity was turning pallid, I knew something was off. I lifted my hands, scrutinising every detail that I could perceive with my sight, I was still on the white leather reclining chair, dressed in an all-white blouse, everything that was attached to me was white.

When I hopped off the chair, my balance almost threw my face to kiss the cold floor, I regained myself, grappled of myself. My thoughts were asunder, yet to be helter-skelter, I knew I was not in reality itself, but in a simulation because everything around me seemed counterfeit, the absurd amount of whiteness around me, and the closed seamless room that I was in.

“HEY!” I shouted, no response, not even my echo. The floor turned a tone cooler, my feet started jumping, I was in oblivion about my standings as for now, my whereabouts, my condition, my real self. “HEY!” my voice was distorted, same result, nothing replied. Presumably, I was abducted by some kind of weirdos who went for dinner and forgot to supervise me.

That was my assumption, ludicrous. A light bulb flashed in my head, I imagined that I was in a field of dandelions, and the all-white surroundings transformed into my imagination. I continued my thoughts, I imagined of different kinds of flowers, everything started to popped up in front of my sight magically, as if I was the creator of this realm.

My mind went rampant, creating more and more things. As the stuffs piled up, something was glitchy, like in those computer games, some objects were intersected by other objects, or some things were acting very outlandishly. I kept making up more items in my head, from a field into a city, the abduction plan was failing on me.

As the system crashed, started to glitch out, I started to run as fast as possible, coming to an end, the edge of the simulation. I leapt out of it, stranded in a pitch black room. Wait… this is just the same thing, just in all black… Give me a break… I heaved a sigh, directly pictured a galaxy of stars, and minutiae details to overload the system.

PLAK! I snapped back into reality, there was straps of duct tape around me, and bleeping enigmatic devices attached unto me. I found a sharp object near me, freeing myself from all these bondage. Are they that stupid…? I ran out of the confined space, finding myself in the outside, it was a desert, a patch of sand. WHAT THE…


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