Sound of Speed

Cruising through the tarred roads with dozens of cars and a handful of choppers on my tail. “Initialise sound speed dash.” A robotic voice responded with a kick on the engines, everything revved into an astounding acceleration that was my invention, the tyres were about to leave the ground, but I made everything as such so that no such thing could happen.

I crossed half the continent in a matter of seconds, leaving the peoples chasing me to bite dust, to savour the hollowed path that I created for them in my dash. My car beeped a code red signalling me that the car had suffered a colossal damage from travelling at such speed.

It was severe, I went to check the engines, it was futile to even spend another second with it. I picked myself up, ran, sprinted with my enhanced shoes, a quicker run that required lesser energy to execute. Springing across at a shorter span of distance, I still felt that the peoples were unto me. My gut, my ears told me to duck, I did so, a car appeared and crashed in front of me.

I scanned the surrondings for cover, no luck, my car sent me into the middle of nowhere, blemished with barren land, spasmodic trees. Not yet. I rolled to the right, another two cars zipped into existence, they had acquired my technology, a little shabbier than mine, the humans inside were dead as they traveled at sound speed to here.

My survival instinct, fight-and-flight were activated, I caught some breath. Not to worry much, I just needed to dodge every car ‘bullet’ fired at me, they were sending a suicide squad to kill me, What a waste… As the oxygen was converting into oxyhaemoglobin, another sound cancelling wave was sent crashing unto my surroundings, I held my breath, this attack was modified, tear gas was stagnant in the air, accompanied by the orchestrated explosions of the cars, I was thrown back and forth by the impact, I had no time to react, I underestimated them, so did they.

My body could take way more hits than that, I stood up, ready for more to come. Nothing, silence, the breeze was the aftermath, cremains of the burning cars were up in the air, suspended, a hanging tension. The attack ended. I affirmed, I was wrong. A immeasurable force came tumbling into my field of instinct, I felt a force pressing onwards, I hopped away from it, the blast from that chopper ‘comet’ rained down unexpectedly, Shit. I screwed up, jumping straight into two choppers sent crashing into me, two forces that accelerated to the speed of sound, sealing me a pass to meet death itself. The colour red was the last thing I saw before pain and darkness overwhelmed me, engulfing the succumbed, careless me into its boundless arms.


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Impromptu, Unprecedented.

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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