I was a scapegoat, a vanguard, a one-man suicide squad. Whatever you wanted to call me, I would care less, because I had only one reason to live, and end my life, it was to wreck some shit and create a fair opening for the rest of my team to march into the enemies lair, and to conquer every last bit of their begotten land. Anxious, excited, both of those feelings were a concussion in me, I disregarded what was inside me, instead I focused everything that I had to do, with grit, and fortitude.

The glass vial was in my hand, it was a purple glowing potion, I was supposed to initiate the enemies attack, swallow everything in it, and run forwards into the fortified walls of the enemies’ base as fast as possible. Everything might seem simple, but it was intricate, yet convoluted. I was worried that I would not be able to make it, I was scared that I would screw up in a way or another, I was afraid that I would be dead even before carrying out my task, my sole reason to be alive now.

Envisaging my allies to be formidable in the future, I must do my bit to give them the springboard that they needed to advance further into their journey, expanding their calibre, and leaving marks of history behind them. Everyone was discussing about the flaws of the plan, but I submitted myself into completing the plan. As I told them my master plan, a sacrifice, a worthless yet meaningful one.

I charged into the enemies’ lair from our base, dunking the purple vial into my throat, flinging it to the walls of the enemies. The air was stale, pangs of death hung in the air, the twinge of luck was on me as a flicker of light in the chaotic darkness and cremains suspended around me. My body reacted to the purple liquid, my vision started to brighten up, I felt something inside me about to emerge, to obliterate, to destroy, to conquer.

As my consciousness was slipping away, I flung the empty vial into the air, it exploded into a sporadic pattern of fire play, the enemies were firing into me, but missing me completely. Few… more… steps… My breath was not catching up, but my feet was, the shots fired were getting closer to plunge into me, I ran, I persisted, I dived.


Clouds of purple rage spells were spat unto the battle field, signalling the start of an inevitable fight, war, and the end of my sacrifice, my life, but not squandering my faith.


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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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