Pumpkin Head (Halloween Special)

Hopping off the bike that I stopped at the wooden shack at the edge of the pumpkin farm, it was time for harvest again. The somnolent glimmer of the moon shimmered the pumpkin farm with an uncanny yet familiar feel, the goosebumps set in as quick as I realised, a split second, the moonlight waned into non-existence, a hollowed darkness reigned supreme over the dead of the night.

I peeked over the wooden shack, dilapidated as ever, making sure the sawed off shotgun and the rounds, supplies, were in place. Veering my view into the pumpkin farm, I took out my torchlight to make my vision clear, I chose this time to harvest because I needed to sell these in the wee hours of the morning in the market, where my harvest could be sold as fast as possible. My heart was slunk into a pit of uncertainty as if an abysmal peril was standing, and waiting for me to walk straight into it.

Flicked open the torch light, a partial field of my vision was see-able, peering through the pumpkins in the farm. I reached out to the nearest, the biggest pumpkin that I could see. I squatted down, inspected the pumpkin, doing what the professionals did to determine the quality of the pumpkin. The first one looked big, but was not ready for sale, I paced myself to the next one, Swish… A blood-curdling breeze swept by me, I felt something flitted across the field, a swift creature. Caring less as it was an advent to me, I moved on to the next pumpkin, repeated my steps.

As I determined the pumpkin was ready to be sold, the moonlight appeared again, substituting the dark night momentarily. My train of thoughts were broken by a towering shadow, projected by the unprecedented presence of the moonlight. Its presence was preeminent, scary. Fear gripped me by the throat, literally. I could feel a set of jaws gnawing into my neck, I slipped away from my position, rolled into a common ground, an uneven battle field.

It was shrouded with the need to kill, the must to kill, suspended intensely in the air. Caught a glimpse of it, a sinister pumpkin head, bloodied, glowing in an orange suit which matched its pumpkin head, caked with dark crimson blood, having a terrifying feature of fiend eyes and vampire teeth hollowed out, glowed with an tangy orange shine. As I processed almost everything, it sprung into me with two sets of one-foot claws mantled in blood from its past victims, I reacted deftly, rolling to another side, it did not stop as just, continued stabbing me, I dodged it.

Rolling, thrusting, we kept at it, until I rolled myself into the dilapidated wooden shack. Its claws broke the wooden shack and missed me. At the split of a heartbeat, I shifted myself to get the sawed off shotgun, its blood claws swiped across my clothes, ripping it apart, but not touching my skin, I rolled myself away from it, and positioned myself. It did not stop, it was vicious as ever, I pulled the trigger, hoping everything would end, but no, it was not loaded. SHIT! My thoughts were slower than his plunge of claws, my spinal reaction took place in time to block the blow with my shotgun. He was strong, immensely strong, I pushed, it was a short wrestle, I did a somersault, and hit him square in the face with my legs.

He was outplayed for a second, I recovered in a nimble, finding myself a few rounds of shotgun shells. I turned my back to locate him, but he was gone, dissipated into thin air, not yet. Feeling the thirst to kill hanging closer than ever, I loaded and fired into a random direction, hoping to get a muck shot, and yes, but I felt a few holes were stapled into me.

The pumpkin head was standing right in front of me, covered in his own blood, shining crimson red in the moon. I looked down, finding a few sharp edged claws protruded from me, pain, indescribable, yet a weight was let down from me. Catching my breath, holding my victory stand, the pumpkin head tumbled down in front of me. I pushed myself to the bike, cycled myself back to emergency, winning an unbeatable battle, outsmarted the horrid, saving my ass from being killed.


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