It’s November Already? (Goals)

Hell no, shit. Two more months till the end of the year, and I had achieved nothing near my year goals. Haha. But, new month, new aspirations.

Finally, this plan is working out fairly well compared to my previous futile attempts.

Before starting, a big shout out to Daring to Jess for providing me with this brilliant inspiration. Thank you! Show your love to her by following her on twitter or her blog!

Let’s recap on October’s goals:

Write a short story (not done, still procrastinating.)

Finish the STPM syllabus (haha not yet, but there are a few more days to the real deal.)

Phone problem (Partially solved, not fully cleared from the addiction yet.)

Run. Exercise. (Checked)

New goals for November:

Go to Word Camp! (In KL)

Ya, finally a word camp in Malaysia, maybe I could get in touch with some new people, and meet new experiences.

Finish the Sem 1 STPM syllabus in time.

Ten more days till exam, I’m fucked.

Start writing on my new project.

A compilation of everything that I have. Maybe start with 30 percent of the work.

Re-start my engines in blogging.

What I do recently with my blog involves only writing, and writing, and writing only. I did not connect with other bloggers at all, maybe I should try out some in this month.

Finish my unfinished short story. Write one more. (Maybe)

Procrastination kills, maybe it is the writer’s block, who knows? To be honest, I am just too busy studying, that is all.

Exercise. Run.

From two to four times per week. Damn, this would be invigorating and challenging!

Talk to Her.

Yes, for two reasons, one personal, one for the blog.

Prep my teachings in a more methodical way.

Recently, I slacked off in my job, I am too busy, that is just a lame excuse.

Work. After Sem 1 exams.

And study the rest of the STPM syllabus in two months.

Resolve the phone problem. COMPLETELY.

Hope everything turns up well.


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