Usual Spot

John had his lunch at the same usual spot again, he quietly chewed his time away, without looking at the phone, instead staring around the vicinity, he relished what was outside the confined pixelated screen. The remnants of food was distinct in his every chew, he felt the small pieces rubbing against the walls of his mouth.

She’s here again. It was the girl that sat across the table every time during the break time, John did bother much, he was inquisitive about her, he spasmodically lifted his sight to steal a peek on her. Thu… Thump. A prominent beat of both hearts syncing, both of their eyes interlocked for a mere ripple of space-time, they veered off, wandering into their own reverie.

Another day, another time John got to see her sitting at her usual spot from his typical spot. They never changed their place to have their lunch every single lunch break. Just a couple of chews, a few concerted ticks of time that they shared silently with each other, revealing a sneak peek for a greater discovery, a chance.

Fast forward a week, John was at his usual spot, but her spot was taken by a stranger, when it was time, the space beside John was vacant, “Hey,” A gentle touch by her voice, a cherry to the cake, ” Can I sit beside you?”

John was thinking of running away, but he let her sit beside him. “Yes.” A simple gesture, rekindling the genesis of an unprecedented serendipity, the bonding of both worlds, emerging victorious among the randomness of reality.


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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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