I was running, breathing methodically using my newly developed running breathing method, it sounded absurd, but it worked better than breathing irregularly throughout a run. The tarred road slapped against my soled feet, I counted my steps, my breaths, my laps, not the time that I had spent on my run.

I ran because I love to, and running released all of my stress altogether with rejuvenating my brain with new ideas. I did not run with any music, I decided to unplug from everything during my run, except for myself. As I was running, I could not see clearly what was in front of me due to not wearing glasses, but I saw a bunch of kids frolicking on the road, there was no cars, but that did not mean there were no dangers.

Thump… I saw one of them tumbled unto the hard slab of tar, it was brutal, gashes of skin exposed to the arid air, it was painful, filled with agony. Thup. Thup. Thup. I accelerated passed them, pretended that I could not see anything, but I saw everything. There was a conflict going on in my mind whether or not to lend them a helping hand, it was contemplating.

Should I go help them? But I have nothing in hand except for my keys. Plus I could not see shit without my specs. Go help them. No, yes? I should help them, I should run away from them, I do not want any problems. That was the problem with us, as humans, we tend to run away from problems, but not reaching out to solve it.

The worst thing was, I came back to the exact same spot for my second lap, the poor little kid was still there, her friends were gone, she was holding back her tears in the ground helplessly. Go and help her. NO! My subliminal thoughts were overshadowed by my I-do-not-want-any-problem mindset, and there I went, still regretted up until this very day.


P.S. 2013
Being a straight up imbecile fool.

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