Music Box Escape

The room was serenading with the loneliness that I was shrouded with, only the gramophone was spinning lifelessly in loops of frivolity, encapsulating myself in this claustrophobic space of uncertainty, but familiarity.

I was in my ballet attire, the floor was covered in red velvet, there were mirrors everywhere wreathing the remaining surfaces that were not velvet. Seeing my reflection at every turn of my body, not just one, but repetition of many, a single move made by me would be multiplied and enlarged, drastically.

Moving my right feet out, I wanted to walk across the room to jump start the gramophone, but there were unknown stares peering down into my very soul, ripping my confidence to even make a step, deeming me to falter over a mere distraction of a million pairs of eyes.

As I paved my second step, the gramophone moved itself, rendering some movement of a song, Chopin, the tune was weird, outlandish as Chopin, but I could not recall the specific movement. My body acted on its own, spinning, making moves that my body was accustomed to, but not my consciousness.

My reflection was slowly diminishing, exposing myself into another realm of reality, not my confined one, but a broader spectrum of uncharted ambiance. I remained calm, to no avail, but my body kept spinning in circles like never before, I tried to seize back my body, reclaiming something that belonged to me.

I struggled, amplified my grittiness, and BANG! A shudder of impulse shook me, I was on a cold hard slab of concrete, I heard someone crying, in a loss of a precious object. Taking advantage of the mess, I freed myself from the stationary, constricted reality of mine, dancing into a world of new possibilities.


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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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