Understanding, Forsaking.

Staring into the rear side of the moon, I saw light, shrivelling into nothingness, perhaps darkness, shadow was a probability too. Casting my hopes that leaving this dimension was the only way to pertain the true intrinsic meaning of time itself.

One who can picture time in their mind could eventually dominate any kind of being. 

That sentence rang in my head for laps, revolving around my dilemma of leaving myself empty or emptying my leave. I stood at open field, where vast pastures mantled the earth coarse surface with significance breaths of life, and the beauty of what nature had for us.

My mind reflected into my life now, I was a scientist, a breakthrough, underground. Never renowned, because I did not want that kind of attention. But, there were these groups of peoples, devils, who wanted to use my discoveries for their own benefits, the government.

Caring less about them, but could now, they threatened to slaughter my family, my loved ones, my friends, my entirety of my bonds, my existence, my value to life. Tears rolled down my chin as my thoughts flew past me, If I take this path, I would never return to humanity or even know what humanity felt like anymore, because after understanding time, I would realise how feeble humanity is, and I would not even spend a sliver of time, my existence to ruminate about these kinds of triviality.

But, if I chose to live on, I would have nothing to spare, being handicapped to fight against the power of darkness, but if I chose the infinite supreme over the essence of life, I would overthrown the entirety of humanity in a split of a heartbeat, making everything, anything, nothing dwell in meaningless realm. 

I took a deep breath, raised my hands in the air, signalling to the moon. The sweet moon shine brewed into the very grounds that I was standing on. I was ascending, engulfed by the sheer light above me, I kept on, I did not know what to do anymore, it was my last resort, to render everything to non-existence, it was my only chance and my only stand, or is it?


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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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