What Does A ‘Follow’ Mean?

I am a disgusting person, and a disgraceful one, so are you people in the community, most of you. Let me talk about my ugly side first. I spam my likes in the comment sections of a lot of threads, it is weird but, this is my habit of liking things of just pressing the like button, no harm right? Just a friendly gesture of liking something.

However, I really dislike people who drop by my blog and ask (beg) me to follow their blog, literally. They would just spam the comments, and do very outlandish things. There was once, this guy, a mobile gamer, pissed me off to my maximum. Firstly, he asked me for likes for his blog, I was okay to do so. For the next few days, he became persistent, like those pesky bed bugs, constantly commenting on my blog, urging me to follow his blog, and I politely commented back. Deftly I realised, giving no shit was the best thing to do, I flagged his comment as spam, and naturally, he slumped back into nothingness, and I proceeded with my own blog, rather than to bother this petty things. All the commentators who asked me to follow his/her blog, I would just mark them as spam, easy.

If I really do have interest in your blog, I would naturally follow your blog, and comment on them. Liking the posts is just my form of respect to you as a blogger. But, in all seriousness, why does the following button count so much for you? In my take, I blog because I love to write, and the interaction between bloggers, but lately, the second aspect kind of fade away because life have gotten too busy for me, and I would rather emphasize on writing rather than bonding because I knew if my writing is good, my blog is well-maintained, I would get people to read my work.

Inversely, if I have good bonding but have average writing skills, I would be unhappy to see myself at this point of life, it would be akin to scamming to me. Synonymous to a Youtube channel, if I could not provide quality content, why do I bother to even bond among other bloggers? I would feel the pang of guilt of not bringing my best to the blogging community.

For the follow part, I absolute disgust the part where bloggers drop by and just show some accolades, and ask me to follow. Does this follow thing really matter to you? What if you have a million followers just in a flick of fingers, can you handle all that? I hope you can understand that blogging is an art of sharing but not forcing, if I found you a likeable personality, I would automatically look at your blog, and follow you. Normally this type of comments would just disappear as I flag them as spam but, this would be a leeway. Thank you. 😊😊😊

This was a reply to one of the bloggers that made me flustered. Really. Take some time ruminate about the questions that I had mentioned above.

Does following really matter to you?Β 

What if you have a million followers in just a flick of fingers, can you handle all that?


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50 thoughts on “What Does A ‘Follow’ Mean?

  1. Wow! Thinking of something to say. This is really an eye opener for me and now I am afraid to “”Like””. Just kidding, I never really understood this (Follow) just for following sake. After reading your take on it, it has me thinking.

  2. Ok, so let me add my 2 cents to the debate, since I was thinking about this topic for the past week.

    It was really interesting to read your take on it.

    Personally, I am very conservative with follows and even likes. There are a few reasons why I would follow someone (I’ll keep them to myself for now), but neither one of them is “tit for tat. While I am honored that someone follows my blog, I will not follow them back just because they follow mine. When I see the “check my page out and follow me and I will follow you back”, I feel sad. It’s like Twitter – at some point you have thousands of followers, but you don’t really know any of them and you miss out on some good content, because you cannot realistically read thousands of tweets a day. Same here. You just end up spamming your Reader and losing on actually reading something interesting and connecting with those in your blogging community. Yes, a follow is great to get, it is not something we should be trying to exploit.

    As for likes, thanks for explaining how you see it. While I do enjoy the likes I get, I sometimes wonder why someone likes a bunch of my posts but never comments… Did they really like it? And I start doubting myself. And then come the likes in the “Community Pool” weekly thread. All my responses in the thread get multiple likes. Well, I’m glad people agree with me, but honestly, I see it as fishing for views and likes/ comments/ follows. If you like my comments in the Community Pool thread, why don’t you come and visit my blog and like what I write? Why don’t you come in and comment on something I wrote on MY blog? If I am so popular on the Pool thread, why don’t you follow me? This might sound harsh, but I now refuse to check out those people. It seems like they go around liking every single one of the 1k+ comments in hopes to get more followers. 😦

    Comments are something I really like, because it builds a bond between the reader and the writer. You get to see what people like about your writing and what they have to say about it. It’s fascinating. Because of that, I try to leave a comment expressing my views whenever.

    I swear I did not mean to make the comment this long. My apologies.

    Now, go and follow my blog. Lol. Just kidding.

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