Unstoppable Together

Four of them- Determination, Perseverance, Courage, Faith, were friends of the paralytic man. They did whatever they could to save the paralytic man, but to no avail. When all hope was waning into non-existence, there was this rumour that He was preaching at the far-north of the vicinity in a random house for evangelistic purposes.

Faith assembled this idea of meeting Him, he knew that only He could heal this man, the other three were assent of this thought. Courage prompted all of them to carry the paralytic man using the mat under him as a stretcher. Determination fueled them up with some words of motivation that they would see Him, and save the paralytic man.

The walk was tough, undulated, and far. Imagine carrying a paralytic man who weighed more than a hundred pounds, and he was akin to a dead weight. Perseverance mowed through the paths without any thoughts of giving up, being the quintessence of patience and perseverance.

The quartet of being unstoppable were there before sunsets, they saw many people thronged into the very house, even the outside of the house was packed with people for about a few feet’s radius. They did not falter, but their hearts were stronger, together.

Four of them persisted on getting in, but no men was willing to give way to them, “DO NOT snatch my chance of getting a miracle!” the people were selfish, none of them shed a sense of pittance to the paralytic man, they turned a blind eye to him.

“Please… Let us through… We need to bring this paralytic man to meet the Healer… this is…” Faith and Determination did most of the talking, they had the most persuasive tones.

“Stay away!” “Get out of here!” “Stop this ruckus!” they were interrupted by all of these obstacles, the preach was still in midway. The paralytic man’s pulse was weakened in an unwarranted fashion, Perseverance checked on him when he was turning rather pallid.

Courage pointed to the stairs leading to the roof, it was impossible to fit all five of them, but they did so. They strapped the paralytic man to the mat by rolling him into the mat, hoping not to suffocate him in the process, four of them lifted the paralytic man just above their heads in a single file.

The stairs were steep and narrow, it was a dread to them. Faith pulled them together, they did not fear of falling at all. Infallible as they were, they reached the roof. Courage skimmed the roof but found no openings, he grabbed a piece of rock that he could find and started poking the ground with brute force. Determination, Perseverance, Faith followed suit.

Dust and debris started to fall upon the Healer, and a hole emerged in the middle of the congregation. Four of them got down in front of Him with the paralytic man laying down on the mat. The Healer witnessed and recognised their unstoppable faith, “thy sins are forgiven thee.” someone in the congregation called Him a blasphemy, He turned a deaf ear on him, “Arise, take up thy mat and walk.”

The paralytic man obeyed, taking His commands instantaneously, rolled up his mat, and walked out of the house. Glorified was He, Determination, Perseverance, Courage and Faith were the ones who were unstoppable together.


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