Zephyr of the night, billowing the atmosphere with a menacing glare, I pulled my handbag closer to me, wreathed myself tighter in my scarf, afraid of the solitary in this dimly lit alley way which only had intermittent flashes of a lamp post at a consistent glow. Blinking seven times per second, I paced two strides, calculating everything around me.

Pulling out my phone from my pocket, checking it as usual, to cut away all the nerve-wrecking cold. I unlocked my phone, swiping up, no messages, I texted to my friend, hey, can you… just as my fingers could reach the next key, the screen turned black, leaving my blood rushing with anxiety. I stopped, skimmed my surroundings, nothing unusual, just the ordinary waving to me with an uncanny mischief, sending a pang of fear in me.

I continued walking down the alley, embracing the fear, pacing myself forward faster. The night got colder, another breeze licked my face, leaving fear imprints in me. My footsteps were muffled by my thoughts, my fear, and my anxiety. They gripped me ferociously, leaving me with no space to breath but to move.

Marching further into the night, I walked, passed through a similar lamp post for another time, blinking seven times per second, my heart beat twice. I reckoned it was just a coincidence, my intuition pried my eyes to the surroundings in dissent. I stopped and looked, only to realise my fears were more prominent.

Taking a few more steps ahead, I ended up seeing the same lamp post once more, shit. what the… Blinking seven times per second, my heart beat trice. I turned myself around, blood gushing into my limbs, my legs leaped into a sprint. The intermittent flashes grew dimmer, another same set of flashes coruscated into my view, even the surroundings were synonymous.

The real fear kicked in, flinging open the door of my hearts, pock-marking my interior with three bold letters- run. I ran, the alley stretched into an endless path of darkness draped with glitters of light. Counting the minutes that I had spent running, I was running in circles. I halted below the lamp post.

Blinking ten times per seconds, increased to fourteen, twenty, POOF! The smithereens of the shards rained down on me. My phone was still in my hand, I booted it up, it worked. I sent the text, stood there, waited for my friend to pick me up, still befuddled by the time loop.


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