What a queer sight to witness! A dark, murky, yet elegant spectrum of colours frolicking with the sunset, as if they playing hide-and-seek. I was imagining myself as the strutting peacock formed by the sporadic clouds, seeking pride from all places, quizzaciously belittling my surroundings, reckoning that I, only I reigned supreme over all creations.

As the clouds rehearsed themselves into a throng, a cacophony of uncanny darkness, I still stood below it, chanting ‘rain, rain, go away…’ it will not come again some other day. I knew it, rain started pelted against my bare skin. The people handling the weather were such stingy people, they just wanted to budge into my ethereal reverie of clouds, packed with my imaginations.

“Why must you disrupt me?” I blurted out into the sky, as if I was angry to something non-living. A flash coruscated through my eyes, ROOAARR!! Accompanied with a gale of strong wind, sweeping my foothold unsteady, ROOOAAAARRRR!!! A warning for me to go back.

But, I had nowhere to go back, my vision zeroed in to the dark sky, leaving nothing around me meant anything, my surroundings simply vanished into non-existence. I was left to confront with the dexterous dark skies with tumultuous claps of thunder. Another flash peeked through the corner of my eyes, it was snowballing at a lightning speed into my direction. Nothing I could do to save myself, but to embrace everything with everything I had, to lose, nothing.

I pried my eyes open, I lost my vision, everything was either pitch black or matt white to me when I realise the dark side of reality, but discovered the minutiae of life, the other part of life.


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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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