Being Inauthentic

Humans are authentic beings, we are special in our ways, built from trillions of similar cells, yet having different conscience and having a diverse set of quirks. However, with the pattern of authenticity, emerges a web of indifference. Most of the people are chasing for time in the city, they want an easy and a rather care-free one, almost everyone has a similar goal, but different.

Before proceeding, the words- indifferent and inauthentic, are not used based on the dictionary, but I implied my own definition to them. My definition for both the words are the same, it is being just plain, just like everybody else, blending into the culture the you are placed in, and being normal, ordinary around everybody else, not having any protruding personality.

Very less people can spot a difference in a vast fields of wheat, everything looks the same. This analogy is synonymous to us everyday humans, if we could somehow be someone that is similar to other people, or in another context, being just an ordinary human, we would easily blend into another human’s life because we are not a threat to them, neither we are stand-out in their minds, we are merely existing as something ‘normal’ in their minds.

Therefore, the perks of being indifferent are the alleviation of making friends, the simplifications of gathering information of other parties, easily to be talked to. However, being inauthentic is only going to work when you are forced to work, or be with people that you simply have no likings of, but you must be under them in order to gain something, examples, bosses, colleagues, annoying people.

Do not be inauthentic in front of other than the people of your less liking, because they might assume you do not enjoy their presence, and they might ostracise from you. Other than that, be smart, be inauthentic, in the general crowd, not hinting your true personality behind the mask of being inauthentic.


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