STPM VS. COLLEGE (For SPM students) (Malaysia)

What to choose after SPM? Seriously, there are a wide array, too many choices laying out there, waiting for you to choose. However, most of the students would be bamboozled with the barrage of choices flung to them, here is a piecemeal breakdown of the best possible path that you can choose to further your studies.

Remark: If you are really determined (die die also must do) some courses, and really clear of your pathway until degree, or your parents have laid out your desired path, good for you. Good luck in your respective paths, I respect your choices.

However, if you are really blur about your future, you have come to the right place.

Before SPM even started, or around the period, you would be told to purchase a PIN number from Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) to register yourself for the UPU or Matriculation. DO IT. Just go to the Ministry of Education’s official website to look up for the details.

And here is the link for the UPU portal:

Why ‘waste’ such money? Just like a bid, because I am writing this from a non-bumi aspect, so I choose the word ‘waste’. But, by all means, apply for it, try to get into the foundations offered by the universities, then half of your foot would be into a university.

Before proceeding with my piece, I want to talk about personalities, if you are someone who is not up for challenges, not hardcore enough, not willing to fight for what you want, then just stop reading this post, it is useless to even continue with your life.

Okay, that point cleared up, I want to point out several routes that you might possibly choose if you are a normal student.

Foundations (in blah blah blah)
Australian Matriculation (Ausmat)
American Degree Programme (ADP)
Matriculation (Malaysia)
Diploma (in blah blah blah)

Realise that I ordered them according to the difficulty level? I recommend that you choose either one of the last three or go overseas if you really get the chance to do so.


Just go, if you can afford it, go. Experience the world and learn more in the process.


There are two types of people who enroll for this, one is with direction and aim (good for you, then just continue with whatever you are doing) whereas one is a boat sailing in a seas without shores, that is a problem. But, it would be a good choice, because diploma is a course where it is meant to be specialised, thus your study scope would be specific, not lesser.


STPM is hell, IB is a steroid version of STPM.

Here is a detailed post about IB (from Jess, go look out for her blog too!)
A Student’s Explanation: What is the IB?

For STPM, it is easier than IB, I would say, but definitely two times more difficult than: Foundations (in blah blah blah)
Australian Matriculation (Ausmat)
American Degree Programme (ADP)
Matriculation (Malaysia)
Added together.

First, it is the grueling study schedule. That is literally the one and only big problem, and another minor issue, most of the students who chose STPM are being forced, and your emotions would be sent into a roller coaster for a year and a half, (plus, the people in STPM does not really fit in the context of a good human quality, so prepare yourself to face some assholes in STPM). Other than that, I reckon STPM to be a really good training ground to grind your grit to the fullest.

Plus STPM, is the most economical compared to other courses, most budget for the best and worst training system for life.

Matriculation (Malaysia)

If you do not prefer challenges and you are pretty lucky, then choose this.

Foundations (in blah blah blah)
Australian Matriculation (Ausmat)
American Degree Programme (ADP)

All of these are the standard routes that people would have chosen because they do not want too much academic burden and they do not want to live under very, very strict jurisdiction and schedules. These are places where you get to perform, IF you are discipline enough to not sway into any kind of delinquencies that would hinder your studies. Not many would give a heads up to you, as you have taken a normal path, a comparatively safer, less dangerous route to acquire a normal job in life. Plus, for an average student, scholarships are not for all, why invest so much just to get a normal life?


Think carefully, this is purely my opinion, super biased, even if you do some research, you will get the same results as me. But, just one piece of advice before ending this piece. If you are feeling comfortable with your life, then, it is not right. If there are no challenges, no hardships, how to shape yourself into a sharper you?

And if you are a parent reading this, and your child does not really have directions of what to study, and you do not want to waste too much money? Choose STPM, a very good choice, sending your child into the depths of hell to forge them into a better them.


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