I was splintered, couple of times, physically and mentally, nearly went flat-lined. Cruising through the tough metal floor of nonentity, I was oblivion of my whereabouts, only knew that I was locked in a claustrophobic endless hallway, illuminated by dangling light bulbs from the ceiling, filled with two rows of metal doors each with a handle shaped like a human skull. I reckoned that million sets of eyes were peering right at me.

The eerie feeling that surged my veins once I discovered that I was inside a madman’s mansion caught me up, my anxiety started to go off charts, heart rate went off the roof. It was the predator’s lair, slaying off its prey whom his minions had captured, turning them into relics, never someone witness this scene would go out alive. I was doomed.

Ticked, tocked, time went, my biological clock. Not knowing how long had passed. I was veiled in fear, too scared to make my next move, I stopped in my stead. Millions of thoughts, accompanied by nothingness, confusion deluged my mind, it was a battlefield between my mind and myself, contemplating my chances of survival.

Dreaded of waiting for something to happen, I got up, having the predator’s image slapped all over my head, as I had happened to encounter him before, outside of his lair, he was bulky beast, stout, swift, agile, draped in a suit of muscles, armed to the teeth with his weird gleaming weapons, leaving pangs of murder in the air, intentionally, and unintentionally. I shook myself back to reality, grasping hold of the gossamer silver cord that held my hope and my life together for now, a temporal period.

BANG! BANG! BANG! All the doors started to slammed itself open, almost simultaneously, everything in the hallway quaked, in an intelligible fit, almost like the authorities got an anger bone. I was trembling to the stapes, my senses were enhanced by the sudden adrenaline surge from this life-or-death situation. A stout figure stomped into existence, with an overwhelming presence, from each and every door.

My thoughts, my common sense were flung straight out of the window, as if my mind had one. I could not comprehend what was happening right in front of me, the figures started to congregate around me, staring right into my bone, pointing all sorts of weapons unto my fatal parts. There were too many gun-points directed at me at the same time, I could not help, but to ask for a quick, and swift death.


The pain was like a swollen lump of clotted blood, everything stopped for my clock, I was not dead, neither was I alive; I was unconscious, neither was I conscious; it was this thin line of uncertainty, the gray area that I had set my feet at, parked my soul at the wrong place. As I pried open my eyes, assuming that I still have one, but I still had this sense. I could not move, I tried grasping my whereabouts, only to find myself screwed to a metal doors, becoming one of his relics.


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