She’s still out there, the only unaltered thought of mine, the one thing that I sworn on that I would never betray. I was left defenseless in the middle of a parched, sandy land. I knew that I had nowhere to run, tried, tested, I was in nowhere.

I was on all fours, against the coarse, dry sensation of the parched land. He was standing in front of me, in the austere figure, white suit, all white, tall, towering, commanding prose. His presence eliminated the unnecessary space around us, he shrunk the world just big enough to fit both of us, and his enigmatic black suit case.

My eyes fixated on his black suit case which had the word ‘FEAR’ glossed unto it, my stomach made a somersault, attempting to leap out of my body. “Tell me where she is.” I remained silent, the black suit case was shaking, violently, and soon left the grasp of his hands. It became unfettered.

“Tell me.” I heard nothing, I guessed the words from the shape of his mouth. Two piano keys were playing, a tone apart, just two notes, back and forth, crescendo, but not sforzando. Small patches of black things started to crawl into my direction. I trembled, fell unto the floor. They were spiders.

His sudden appearance in front of my nose, I did not bulge at all, as if my senses went down the drain. I was too scared to move, a single fibre of my muscle. “Don’t make things worse.” My heart was pounding against me, asking me to succumb to his will, but I was too scared to do so, “Tell me.” he hung a smile by his face, a sinister one, knowing that he would stand out triumph.

His hand reached into the depths of the black suit case, retrieving another detested creature, a mouse. The spiders were surrounding me, they were getting closer. I was utterly terrified, I tried to not think of the reality built around me, but those fears of mine were too prominent to omit. He brought the mouse nearer to me, I had nowhere to retreat, I was cornered.

Inches away from my feeble subcutaneous layer of me, I wanted to shout out loud, for help, to confess anything that he wanted me to confess. Suppressing, but being surpassed, the innate fear overthrew my grit to keep myself away from betrayal.

“PLease! For the love of God! Let me go! I will tell you where she is!” I told him her position. Only fear could shanghai us to talk, to speak.


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