What to Do After SPM?

The clock was ticking down, five more minutes, one more minute, few more seconds. Examiners walked around to collect the papers, my heart was long gone from the exam hall, I was fluttering with the freedom that was overhung at the air around me for a long time.

Beware! That is not the air of freedom. Do not think SPM is the fullstop. If you think SPM is the very hard and dreaded thing that you have faced in life, then. Congratulations! More fucked up things are waiting for you. The question is when, not will.

However, what to do? We can never possibly escape the occurrence of this natural process of feeling contended after an exam. I sound like I am harsh just because I am. Let me tell you, if you feel really contended that everything has come to an end, you are dead wrong. Everything just started, you are just starting a race against the world, yourself.

Enjoy yourselves… Not too long!

Really, you deserve a good rest, but not for long. Perhaps a day or two after exam you can laze around or celebrate, after that…


Yes, you heard me. And you need it. Find somewhere to work, regardless. Start from the bottom, slowly make your way up. That is the law of nature, you can never beat it. Start as early as possible, gain as much experience that you can, so that when school starts, you can have a good head-start in managing time, discipline, soft skills, in virtually anything, especially your pockets.


School stops does not mean the reading process should stop. Live to learn, and learn to live. Get the ‘life-long’ learning ‘push’ inside you always, because we can never possibly learn everything and anything, even until we die. Take every chance to gain more knowledge.


Finally you have time to work out your body. DO IT! Make yourself disciplined to do so. Maybe you can get the six-pack or lean body that you desired.

Learn to drive!

Driving is an extension of your legs, really, learn it, so that you can drive to wherever you want to go. And this means more freedom!

Do what you wanted to do. Just do it. Don’t regret for not doing so.

Make sure you register your tertiary education as soon as possible.

Stop scrolling your phone.

Stop taking pictures with your phones, start to take them with your mind.

Don’t be a couch potato!


you really need it.

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