Made in Abyss

Inspired by: Made in Abyss by Akihito Tsukushi

16750 metres down the Abyss, our crew of cave raiders slumped into a mere duo, including my other half, he was decimated by the monsters that we had encountered. Some of us were frozen to death by the negetive two degree celcius. We were here to scavenge the ancient bell relic. But, all that valiant effort in search of this relic was put left with both of us, with two choices, a dilemma that had us in between getting out of here with one more life or one more relic.

Ozen, my mentor, the only white whistle who stood strong with me. She was the strongest physically among all us white whistles, her strength could easily lift up a tower. Her humongous demeanor, hunched when not flexed, mantled in her battle suit with a leather straw hat, her portentous mien vultured around the atmosphere. However, even her vigor and fortitude added together could not protect someone who was about to give birth, endure the Curse of the abyss to collect the bell relic.

I pleaded to her, “this child is very important to me.” my voice was trembling with the cold and the soon delivery, “I will come down for the bell again.” Her train of thoughts went, Is the entire team sacrifice worth the child borned in the Abyss or a bell relic? The delivery was impending, the water broke out of me, Ozen carried me into a cave, gathered everything needed to deliver the child made and borned in Abyss.

The delivery was smooth, no monsters attacked us, but the infant could not surmount the Curse of the Abyss once it was severed from her mother, Ozen kept quiet about the infant. I did not. I insisted that she must stuff the infant into the Grade-2 relic (a great white marble box which apparently have the ability to shield anything inside it against the Curse of the Abyss)

“We will carry the child of the Abyss up.” Ozen was in dissent, but a dispute not stronger than me, not as resolute as mine, she kept her opinions to herself, she knew it would be better to make it out of the Abyss safely as three rather than one. “Together.” in unison, I regained my scattered strength from my delivery, pushing myself to the limits, we lifted up the great white box with the dead infant inside, marched up the hill in a sturdy manner.

Up. Up. Tearing apart the coat of the Curse that was a gossamer layer that would break, spelling us the Strains of the Abyss. Up. The only way to make sure an infant made in the Abyss would be safely transferred back. Both of us, one in the front of the box, one at the back, forcefully managed to tread through the depths of the Abyss.

“The baby is alive.” Ozen told me once we resurfaced, I spent the last of my days before my ‘last’ dive, to recover the relic bell, and to fulfill the Abyss Faith.

“Ozen. If she ever wanted to reach the bottom again and confronted you. I want you to tell her. Tell her what a miracle it is that she can move. Teach her how to brave the wonderful adventures waiting for her afterwards.”


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