December Deadline (Goals)

My oh my… Time flies, it has come to the end of the year. Too fast, my breath could not catch up with the speed. Phew… My first semester exams had passed by me, but I reckon that I would be re-sitting some papers because on my end, a faltering idiot, someone who did not manage his time well, me.

Negative thoughts aside, now I have more time, actually much more quality time in terms of energy in doing what I wanted to do- work, write, and do some Maths- without feeling lethargic from school.

Checklist from last month:

Work. (Checked. The extra stimulus for life.)

Talked to her. (She will be posting some of her writings soon, this month is going to be a ‘soft launch’ for her on my blog, she wants to take things easy, so… I will let her be as just. Only after some time, I will properly introduce her in my writings. Be excited for her writings!)

Attended Word Camp! (Here is the review)

My New Project… & my unfinished short story…(This is a quite serious issue I will explain below.)

Prep my teachings. (Not done, still having the last-minute attitude)

Be prepared in my exams. (As you can read from the tone in the start, I did not really do well because of the lacking in doing exercises. Lazy me.)

Exercising. Running. (Been slacking lately, and I was sick last month, the quota of my running was not met.)

Re-started my engines for blogging! (like finally!)

Phone problem (Still a pesky bug.)


Exercise. Run. (at HK also)

I am growing fatter and lazier, and less innovative due to the lack of flexing of my muscles. Ya, I have to go for a trip, but I must explore HK with my feet by running. (Will be posting some interesting review on my trip to HK!)

Explore the Instagram world of writing.

I have a personal Instagram account but not a writing account, I envisage to open one. So, if you have a name idea for my new instagram, please drop them down below! I will give you credits on my blog if I found your name idea nice, maybe even stand a chance to let your post to be on my blog! (applicable until 15 Dec 2017)

Fuck my writer’s block.

Yes, it is not procrastination that stops me from writing, it is my writer’s block. And yes, it is painful, staring blankly into my laptop having a hollowed out mind with zero ideas. The laptop will constantly look into me, chanting, “Stop blogging… Stop writing… Go watch Youtube…” But, this is a gruel battle, a shitstorm.

Read 5 books.

I seriously need to catch up on my reading, I am soooooo way behind.

Finish off the Sem 2 syllabus

I overestimated myself academically, I should have known better of what I can and cannot do. But, I set myself to break my limit, this is way beyond my limit. Who knows I would…


Stop playing my phone, sleep earlier, wake up early to run. Read more. Play less. 

Finish off my unfinished works.

Prep my teachings.

Step up my game in blogging.

I would be doing a specific challenge that would be informed in the blog soon, it would be really breathtaking. Definitely inspired by some other bloggers. But, I had not seen such rigorous challenge around, so I will be claiming this challenge to be my idea. And I would be back to posting at my contributing blog again! (

Hope everything turns out well!


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