Someone… Somewhere…

Hope they’re save. I uttered to myself as I saw the escapees flooding into the ship to head for a safe haven. My stance was getting weaker at the front-line, everything was turning sour for our side, we were almost beaten down by the enemy, but we must stand strong in order for them to escape safely.

Both my daughter and my grandson, I knew their existence, they did not. I never revealed myself to them, because I was serving for life, I could not make any kind of contact with the outside world, not having a social life. But, I managed to have a daughter, concealed under my furtive hand. My daughter was under the care of an orphanage.

Not until the war broke apart, I got intel about my daughter through some rumours taking forms of wind. The archaic heart of mine was rekindled with smouldering patches of fire, weaving a bonfire within a heartbeat. As I heard that my daughter was heading to the bay to escape, I knew I must head there to make my stand, my mark, a moment that would never be remembered by them.

They didn’t even know how I looked… What was I thinking? My thoughts were reeking with dubious, but overwhelmed by the only hope to see them, not knowing what the trade off was. Teeming with hope, I forced my way to the front lines, making my way to the bay without any consensus.

The battlefield was painted with bloodshed of the patriots who fought valiantly for their countries respectively. I was standing singularly in the pile of bodies, malodorous, stale air. I scanned the battlefield, nothing was left, but the ship was slowly disappearing into thin air.

POP! POP! POP! POP! POP! My right, there was someone firing the machine gun at the direction of the ship. I caught the eyes of my grandchild, he was cheering happily in my daughter’s cuddle. I smiled back to him, and jumped straight into the enemy to stop the machine gun, to buy time for them to escape.

I was still hanging the smile at my mouth when I shot the soldier dead. As I stood up, claiming a temporal victory, waving a goodbye to my grandchild on the boat, my last goodbye, a bullet bored a hole into my smile, the death was instantaneous, as my body was pummeled by a barrage of bullets, boring my body hollowness, death itself.

WUWAAAAA!!! A distant cry was resplendent at my last gasp of air. I kept smiling, perhaps smiling into death was a good sign.


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