Writer’s Block

This is going to be a recurring problem, an unscrubbable tint of patina on my heart for writing. I have this catch-22 situation every month, but until the month that I was really into studying for my academics, I almost lost my passion for writing. I knew this, I experienced it before, but I did not combat it properly, inflicting an indelible scar on me.

Soliciting panaceas from the internet and from myself, and through the writings all across the blogosphere, I realised the only way to beat the Writer’s Block, is to go with the Writer’s Block, merge with it, make peace with it, and write, and run.

Last two months were the driest period of my writing life, I could stare at the screen for a few hours and nothing would be pixelated on the screen, leaving the background music for my mind to render nothing, pure nothingness.

It is a dread, a very scary experience, a frightening thought that makes me ponder about when will I drop writing, entirely. That feeling grew stronger and stronger in an insidious manner, I did not realise that it was the odious Writer’s Block just until a couple of days ago when I was planning my goals for December. I thought I was procrastinating, but no, Writer’s Block was cock-blocking my head, infesting my head with hollowness, becoming the most unwelcomed obstacle of my life, I do not want writing to become a bittersweet just, I want writing to become part of me, I need to find the balance.

Since studying is my main job, I had to use both left and right cortex at the same time every single day. I have to deal with equations in the day, and writings at night. Where is the balance? Running. Yes, the only cognitive exercise that would break mountains of mind blocks of both academic and writing problems. When I got really stuck in any kind of situations, I will run, run till I sweat every apparent problem out, get my brain to job with me also, ruminating about a tonnes of stuffs during my run.

However, running is not enough. I recognised that I have tonnes of ‘lost’ ideas throughout my day if I forgot to jot them down somewhere. Jotting things down was not something that would make things happen, I need to really sit down and write down the idea, only then it can only be considered that my thoughts are expressed out as it is, at its nascent stage, the best state that it could be at.

Writer’s Block, I know, we are going to be sworn enemies, but let me prove to you that I am not going to succumb to your malevolent, pernicious, malignant virus that is promulgating rapidly in the writer’s community. I will stand tall, and make peace with you, depicting that you have no control over me.

Be hopeful for a few pieces of series that are to come at the end of the year!


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23 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. i also had writers block recently and when i publish something i can not write after that until i feel satisfied that it is good i read it myself several times before publishing thinking if i can read it then other people can and i try to find mistakes in it , i am actually a perfectionist which makes writing sometimes even more difficult and the critical thinking about yourself would anyone like it , would anyone read it makes it worse so yeah i suffered it and know how it feels 🙂

      1. I just put writing to the side for a while. I did things that I liked, for example swimming and hiking and I tried my best to jot down random writing ideas. Another thing which prolongs writer’s block is stressing about it. I know it’s hard not to stress but I figured that taking is easy would help- and it did. Writing is in each and every one of us. We can’t just forget how to write but sometimes we need to take a break.

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