Stand behind me, I nudged Kaizen subtly. The mist was shrouding us as a mushroom cloud, we were in the middle of a shallow lake, confronted by a porcupine beast four times the size of a bear. Suspense hung in the air, I studied the porcupine beast, sturdy spikes wreathed all over its body, a round pink nose with five nostrils splattered in the middle of its complexion, a scorpion-like tail lingering maliciously in the air seeking for bloodshed, no eyes but it stared straight into our souls.

Kaizen grabbed to my arm strongly, “This is a wild procubeast!” She exclaimed, “Its spikes are poisonous as…” as my attention pivoted to her, the porcupine beast deftly seized a split second of inattentiveness, attacked us from head-front, I pulled out the metal umbrella shield to defend ourselves, I had the option to jump away but it was too fast. KRANGG!!! The shield shredded into pieces as its deadly spikes pierced right through the shield, I was made of metal, the spikes deflected off me.

But, she was not. As I shifted my vision to take a look at her, she held her right hand out where the one metre poisonous spike protruded, my heart sank a million feet below into the infinite abyss. Emptiness, hollowness, nothingness became vivid, prominent, breath-taking. I was thrown in a state of oblivion and shock, I was too worried about losing her. My slack pushed her to the brink of death, literally. My hesitance quickened the process. The vicious beast flung the shield away, it leaped away from me. A concoction of anger, fear, hate brewed inside me, tipping me to use my death ray to incinerate him.

I lifted my hand into the direction of the porcupine beast, charging up my death ray in the moment of rashness. The beast was daunted by my action, its stance was minacious, claiming the air into its presence. The sage sound of my trainer resounded inside me, “If you want to use your death ray, make sure the enemy must be dead… not only the enemy, but also your surroundings must be cleared, or else you would be unconscious for two hours, nothing could wake you up then.” Those emblazoned words in my mind acted as a deterrent. I became more hesitant, as the fear of losing her gripped me harder than ever.

My mind just kept imagining the odious outcomes with her dying right before my eyes, the dreadful images of the impending calamity incessantly projected right in my mind’s eyes, flinging me further into the pit of hesitance. The porcubeast was relentless, it was waiting for me to make the next move, as if it could predict the future and attack me when I was totally caught off-guard. Kaizen was still staring at her pierced hand.

Reg! Pull yourself together! I prompted myself, I need to get out of here. Skimming through the surroundings, my extended arm could reach a piece of land on top of me. Scheming everything inside my mind, a quixotic escape from a future-predictor beast, or else we were screwed. I gave the beast no time to react, wrapping my arm around Kaizen, shot my arm into the top, the beast did predict my move, with a sliver of luck, I managed to escape from it. GROWWLL The beast let out a cry of dissatisfaction.

As I landed on the piece of land, I laid her down, still not recovering from my hesitance, and fear. “Kaizen! Please wake up!” I shook her violently, “Pull yourself together!” She pried her eyes open unyieldingly, tears started to roll down my cheek.

Please…” Kaizen uttered in her unconscious state, I had to pull out the spike. The longer the spike is in her, the quicker she would die. Why didn’t I use my death ray when I see the beast in the first place? I was blaming myself, the train of blames eschewed me from getting into saving her, throwing me into the next level of inferiority instead.

Please…” She was wheezing as if she was dying, I need to be quick.

Why didn’t I ac… My natural instinct took over, I pulled out the spike from her hand. ARGHGHHH!!!



Image Courtesy : https://granblue-fantasy-brasil.aminoapps.com/page/item/tamaugachi/ZPKx_abHXI5PwEG5jRd7kzXNg50n7eqYkl 

Inspired by : Made in Abyss

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