Mine Field

Destruction wrought devastation upon the piece of land which we lived in, bombs raining away, the booming blasts were galore, throes of peoples here were aplenty, abysmal, odious, dreadful. I carried my limped self to the borders of the land where there no raining of bombs, but a land filled with mines.

The enemies were desperate to decimate each and every one of us into smithereens, they made sure there were no back doors for us to run to. Small scales of explosions still rendered inside my head. Fear gripped me, but the natural instinct to live kept me running.

My limp was getting more serious, I was hit by a heavy object during the explosion, but it did not clamp my leg in the process. Still in shock, I ran into the direction of the barbed wires where waned yellow dandelions streaked the pasture of land. I could not believe that it was filled with mines.

BOOOM! A fountain of blood and decapitated body parts flew asunder in a splash of red at the corner of my eye, someone had the same idea as mine, but he or she might have less luck than I had, or not? 

My heart slammed against my ribs in a palpitating rhythm, I was quivering in fear of getting shattered into millions chunks of meat within seconds of notice. A bold first stride, nothing happened, the pasture of yellow dandelions were very aesthetic as if the destruction did not ever happen.

Another step, nothing. My breath was cut short every time when the ball of my foot came in contact with the ground. I kept praying to my God for protection, chanting like never before, I became more conscious about the probability of me dying with the every step I took.

One step took ages, so I decided to sprint, a bad idea. The ground which I had stepped upon was rather firm. please. I don’t want to die. I cried out inside me, I kept running. Across the yellow dandelion field was a small village with a sign of hope. The village came into my sight when I crossed this field for around three hours.

The ray of hope was shining brighter than the breaking dawn. I kept running. Shouldering the silver cord that could be incinerated anytime. I felt my time ticking away, my life force was threatened with an unprecedented premonition. The next few steps were on barren ground, the grounds were frightening.

My mind was blinded with the prominent hope in front of my eyes, but did not realise the immediate danger lying ahead of me. After taking a few footsteps into the petrifying realisation, I stopped, in the middle of the way, an actual mine field.

One step at a time, my heart raced faster than the second could take. It was more intense than just now. I felt like sitting down and giving up on myself, but the gossamer thread of hope was appealing than ever. I took another bold step, another step of fortitude, another contact with the ground.


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