Broken Lens #5

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Bang. I hit something as I opened the door. Not something, it was someone. She cupped her head with her hands, retreating a few steps to regain her balance, “Are you ok?” I asked. She lifted her heads to level mine, a spark went through my spine, it was subtle, a flash from the past, but I disregarded the thought instantaneously.

“Ya…” she grunted, swept her hair away from her complexion. She was the girl from the photo which Wendy showed me. “Just a little bump…”

My mouth went over my head, “Why do you want me to be your mentor?” a straight and unpleasant greeting from me. She fell back a step or two from me, I was too harsh. Just as I realised my gaffe, I blushed slightly, she was innocent, “Sorry for my… harshness.”

“Don’t worry.” Her voice was gripped with a discomfort from a distant past, my tone somehow triggered a distressing memory of hers. “Call me Jannah! I would be here for two weeks or so.” Her tone hinted a hidden sorrow. Something clicked inside me, an enigmatic one, I could not decipher it in such a short span of time.

I wanted to take over the conversation, “Next time, if you want to take a better picture, you need to move closer to the sub…”

“People.” She interjected, “It’s rude to call the elements in your photo a subject, you’re indirectly dishonouring them, give them proper names, so that…” she drifted on giving me a lecture on this subject.

I interrupted her, “Sure.” Even before she finished herself, “we shall meet on our first event on this coming Saturday,” she nodded her head, “Have you met Wendy?”

“Yes.” I answered, I reckoned that I made him angry, this would leave me in a bad spot. A bad first impression was the worst thing that I could ever imagine. I collected myself back into a piece. As he turned to walk away from me, I saw a crack on his lens.

“Your lens…” he suddenly stumbled into the nearest wall, I rushed into his direction to grab hold of him, “You fine?” I asked him, a usual respond of I’m fine. A mask of deceit in his tone, he was clearly not fine, he was either hiding something from me or he did not even realise about his condition. “Did you go to the doctors or something?”

“No.” He clearly does not know about his health, or perhaps he just does not care at all, “And about the lens, yours is broken too I reckoned.” He was observant, nothing less than I expected from him. I grabbed unto my camera and shrugged sheepishly, he might not know why am I here, but I try to be as insignificant as possible to make a change in his style of photography.

“Since both of us have broken lens… Why not we take some time tomorrow and snap some pictures?”

“Not a bad idea.”


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