Five Shots, One Message.

1980s, crime epidemic tipped in the New York City, where crimes were rampant, people lived in the law of the jungle in fear, the city was inhabitable. Graffiti was the common-sight of the New-Yorkers at that point in time, petty crimes such as littering, public peeing were what made New York.

One night, before the crime rate at New York City tipped, one man boarded the subway to get home, his revolver was fasten to his belt, fully-loaded. The train was crammed with people as it was peak time. This man sauntered casually to the back part of the train where no one dared to go near, there were four black men there, leaning against the alloy threshold of the train, casting a hostile atmosphere at that vicinity.

This man was indifferent, it was the only part of the train that had space. As that man strolled in their direction.

One of the black men stood up, definitely some sort of junkies, “Give me five bucks,” chewing on a cigarette, attempting to intimidate me. This man went for broke, he knew that those truculent people were gangsters, this man retrieved his revolver from his belt, shot four shots simultaneously unto the street junkies or petty criminals, he knew, not from prejudice, but from common sense.

In the 1980s, about 1 in 5 people were criminals, disregarding being major or minor. Crimes were everywhere. Three of them laid prostrate after getting shot, not dead yet. The fourth one grunted, struggled to get to his feet, “My bad.” This man uttered, PANG!

The passengers got out of the train in the next station, the man disappeared after consoling a woman in the train to not to be afraid.

Four of them were then arrested by the police, and indeed, they had a long-list of crimes stitched behind their records, one of them even had an outstanding murder record. That man surrendered himself into the police department after the four men’s arrest.

This tipped the crime epidemic of New York in the 1980s, crime rates skyrocketed then.

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