A big shout-out to all of you readers out there, especially everyone who read me posts. I have to admit, my post were shitty at times, but we got through every post together.

I have recruited someone new to the blog, a consummate, charismatic writer, Erica. I sensed an immense raw strength in her (Star Wars pun intended), but it is true.

Check out her first piece: Bright Eyes

Nonetheless, be excited for having her on my blog, because she writes what I could not write decently, and her novels (yes, I am terrible at long long writings) are page-turners, really well-paced story and character building.

About my photographer, Kelvin, he is still here, no worries. He is currently very busy in his studies, but he still provided me with the 400 post picture.

Here is the full image:



Other than that, I had announced a some sort of competition to suggest my new instagram name for a new writing account. I want to try out the waters at instagram. So, I have extended the competition to 25/12/17 (Christmas) to submit the names below in the comment section, the one comment that inspired me most to put the name would have a chance to post one post on my blog.

The rules are simple: drop one comment below for your suggestions, one comment per blogger, do it before Christmas, I will announce the winners in a week’s time from Christmas.

Once again,

Thank you!

As usual next post would be a rewritten version of the best post in the past 100 posts that would be hand picked by myself. Stay tuned!

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